Q0991. Enough of that abnormality


Clean enough of that abnormality. My twinflame does not answer my emails. How normal is that? According to him, there is no earthly relationship, only a twin-soul relationship, and we also have to think in terms other than relationship terms. You can make the cat wise because if I wanted a relationship with someone else, you should see how quickly he added is to stop that. Contradiction in the highest degree, if not in a very high degree. Moreover, I am far too sober for this… matter (let me keep it tidy), but I joined it out of curiosity. It is now quite so.

Answer 1
Perhaps the emails arrive at your twinflame. My twinflame didn’t want to contact me years ago. Maybe that will come again that would be nice.

Answer 2
Well what shall I say? Why he doesn’t answer your emails I don’t know of course, but that with a twinflame relationship you have to think in different terms, that is partly true. I speak for myself for a moment when I say that no earthly relationship is possible between my twinflame and me at this moment in our lives. But there is indeed a spiritual relationship going on between us. Maybe your twinflame means that? And that he is like the chickens if you want to start something with someone else, yes, that is his fear. Fear of losing you to someone else. I have passed that stage, but I have also had problems with it. Now I can just let him go his own way and I see that every woman teaches him something new that will eventually bring him closer to me. But it is certainly not always nice. At my weak moments, jealousy sometimes pops up, and I envy his girlfriends. But soon afterwards I always realize that they do not have what I have with him, and that that never passes. How rich can you be?

Answer 3
Mmm, are you sure if the mails arrive at your twinflame? Who knows, maybe your mail will be hacked or something.

Answer 4
Or answer 2 he (my twinflame) really wants to do things his way; while he knows very well that I need not just “sit in the head,” if only just confirm it in an earthly way; if he does not meet her even in that it is logical that she seeks that earthly somewhere else.

Answer 5
Answer 2 Who says that you have not already lost your twinflame to another? you can have multiple twinflames I read somewhere, if not you do have multiple soulmates / soulmates. Who says that your twinflame is not already in contact with it and finds more satisfaction and peace in it?

Answer 6
I am so grateful for this site because what a recognition. On the one hand my twin wants me to be able to ‘prove’ that I can let him go or something, because he is much farther (super vague and then I get no answers) and sometimes I think that on the other hand he can would prefer to put a ring on my finger (and also want confirmation of it). Like, but then I think what do you want? Make up your mind dear. So that I also have had enough and want to let him cook in the sop so to speak … Questioner, just let go nice I would say. Turn around and follow your own path. Your way will cross his twin again.