Q0988. Dreaming about my best friend


Hi, I’m 20 and I keep dreaming about my best friend with whom I argued about 3 months ago. It is definitive that she wants nothing to do with me because I lied to her for about a year. I gave her the impression that I didn’t need her and deliberately hurt her. I just wanted to exclude her because she did that to me, I always felt alone and I have many problems at home. I have often been mistreated by my parents and was not allowed to do much. Now the question is I keep dreaming about her making up for our dreams and doing fun things. Things we always wanted to do. I really don’t know what to do. I want her back so badly. I know that I really hurt her a lot but my home situation really made me crazy. I have been seeing a psychologist for almost 3 months now and I am trying my best to become a better person, but I feel really cunt and unhappy I really miss her. But she has it! told everyone about my friends what I did and I don’t hear from them anymore either. Now I am completely alone and have no idea what to do. I would rather lie than physically hurt myself again because I did a few years ago can you please help me with this?

Answer 1
Yes, and what does this have to do with twinflames? Please do not pollute this forum with anything other than soul love. I don’t mean it annoying, but there are other forums for that.

Answer 2
Questioner, what exactly do you want, can you explain that?

Answer 3 Answer 1
: don’t like what you say there. Your twinflame is your mirror that lets you go back to your deeper self … Questioner, work hard on yourself and possibly you can send her a letter with your feelings in it.