Q0986. Taking over the disorders of your twinflame


I have recently discovered that I probably do not really take over the psychological disorders of my twinflame, but I am confronted with it. I don’t want that, who would want that? So I try to shut myself off from it. Recognizable or not and how is it dealt with?

Answer 1
Quite selfish to think that way you will be confronted with it naturally because it is your twinflame. Your twinflame will also be confronted with your bad qualities. You can’t handle it but you will have to accept it? What disorder does he actually have?

Answer 2
Annoying that you can take over ailments from your twinflame. For example, my twinflame has a tourette and I sometimes suffer from it. That is another confirmation for me that my twinflame is thinking of me. Because you are criticized, you know how your twinflame feels. You get more insight into how your twinflame feels and you become stronger how you should best deal with your twinflame. Do not block, so it only takes longer.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 3
If you block it, it will come back 10 times as fast. Success

Answer 4
I am Questioner Answer 2: Thank you Alicia for your frankness to your answer I have a lot; seems to me very difficult what you are confronted with, a lot of strength. Answer 1: You are right, it sounds selfish and it is. I myself will also be somewhat disturbed. I don’t know exactly what my twinflame has but I think somewhere in the spectrum of autism. He can’t help it, of course. He can hide it very well through his intellect, pretty handsome. But it is still there and I do not know if he is being treated by medication or therapy. I myself benefit a lot from Bach flowers, missch may not advertise but he really has a cure for all kinds of ailments.

Answer 5
I think we are all a little disturbed with this twinflame thing haha. Imagine your twinflame is slightly autistic, you could live with that. Coincidentally, these questions are addressed because I myself have PDD-NOSS. But I don’t think a twinflame can take that over.

Answer 6
What is a disorder or is it a tool, a tool for this life to help the soul learn?
(Who knows)

Answer 7
It is a limitation but it has nothing to do with twinflames.

Answer 8
I have since met my twinflame sister and my soul love and from both I get headache complaints, stress complaints. stronger I went to the cardiologist last year because my heart went wrong. rash; totally healthy heart. afterwards I learn that stress prevailed with twinflame-sister and yes that caused heart palpitations from here to Tokyo with her. stronger; last year around this time (April / May) I was in a clinic for 1 month. mentally and physically it went all the way through. Tired of life but not suicidal. Wanted to crawl under a rock and let the world pass by. it turns out afterwards that both my twinflame sister and soul love were completely through it in the same period. our contacts were not yet present at that time and only afterwards did I find out. the great thing is that we crawled out of the valley at about the same time. so can you take over things? hell yes! can you close for it? absolutely! I learn ! the now and sometimes I still get the full load but for now; time out for me and allow only the emotions that I need and that are only mine! it can really be learned!

Answer 9
@ answer 1: I do not agree with what you write. I recently spoke to my twinflame about his stress, headache and back pain that I feel about him. He who no longer sees the trees through the forest. All aspects that are not that cool to feel at all. On the other hand, he feels the harmony of me, a support for him not to fall. If he goes on like this, then it’s no stopping me, because then I’ll go under it too. So what is selfishness? Earlier in this way I lost my job on which my child also depends.