Q0972. Why only now interest?


I wonder why my twinflame now seems to have much more interest in me than a few years ago. In fact, this question can only answer twinflames, but all tips are welcome.

Antwoord 1

Answer 2
First, fears must be resolved, insights gained, more conscious. Feelings must also be placed and that also takes time. It is a good sign when your twinflame seeks more contact.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 3
Perhaps because your twinflame or yourself is or was in a relationship, because it was not yet clear to your twinflame what is going on and he or she was trying to forget it and now it has since been discovered that it will never happen again , to forget. Because that when the recognition on the part of your twinflame was not there yet and it has now arrived .. But if someone shows no interest, that does not mean that there is no interest either ..

Answer 4
Perhaps you are all 2 now and everything is much easier than before.

Answer 5
I am the questioner and I must admit that when I look back, my twinflame has always shown in the eoa way that I was very special to him anyway. At least I felt that way. I have never left / felt lonely for 1 second since I met him. The feeling that he has “discovered” me, he and no one else. Perhaps it is even true that I have always been the one who has stopped everything … I do not regret that although my feelings often say the opposite, but my mind wins again and everything on its time.