Q0953. Do you find it difficult to find your twinflame?


Are you afraid of encountering your twinflame. Do you walk around the block or do you kindly greet your twinflame and have a chat.

Answer 1
No, I don’t walk around a block, if I do I have something like that now I finally see him again and now I don’t dare. This was the case with me in the beginning haha. No, now when I see him I just greet him, stay close to my own feelings, the tension is already a bit off with me, it took a long time to hear pfff. But when I go somewhere, parties or something where my twinflame can be, well then you can sweep me up Do you have that too? Love

Answer 2
No, I don’t find it difficult, sometimes uncomfortable. I first have to come to myself in order not to appear tense. But if that is successful, then the contact runs like a charm. That tension is because I like him so much and am very much in love with him (for years, so that is no longer a whim). We see each other about 3 times a month, on average. Sometimes more often and then less. Living not far from each other and the contact is nice. I am very happy that it is and hope that our band will become even more intense.

Answer 3
Ha, ha .. I prefer to run fast. Don’t think I do that because it seems so weird. But I think it’s scary, and I don’t have the guts to start a chat. But if you are put in front of the block, maybe you can do it and look at yourself. It would be easier if you could just switch a button, but unfortunately.

Answer 4
Would it now be difficult to just find my twinflame yes, although that feeling sometimes changes. So many things are playing between us that a pleasant chat about little cows and calves feels strange (I’m not always good at that anyway). Would prefer to meet him in the evening and / or somewhere where there is some privacy and where there is a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Then I would feel at ease …

Answer 5
I never see him, chances are that I will come across him. If that happens, then I don’t know what I would do. I actually want to make several things clear to him at the same time, which is not possible. Disappointment, anger, sadness, but also an opening to conversation and compassion and happiness. Deep inside I would be happy, but I want him to realize that he has not been nice to me. If only I was happy, he might not realize that enough.

Answer 6
No, I have no problem with that at all, but apparently my twinflame does. When we were still living in the same city and we met, he never actually greeted me, he just looked at me. He didn’t even say anything back when I said hello, I think I remember. I could and can chat with him without any problem, but at a certain point it was no longer vice versa, he avoided me.

Answer 7
You know I could have gone to him, I never did that. Why not? Because I want him to come to me, I know something he doesn’t get it, I don’t quite understand either, but I still want him to come to me if he realizes something. And yes, prefer to walk a block than to run into him because I don’t want to burden him with something that he cannot yet understand

Answer 8
I realize that I am in an unprecedented luxury position because I see my twinflame quite often and then we can just talk to each other. It even happened once that we were a couple of hours apart and talked a lot. THE subject did not come up for discussion, but I could already tell by then that we are twinflames and that was further confirmed afterwards. I am no longer looking for that confirmation and I can continue with my development. That we belong together is clear, but it is not yet time that we can be together. What I have noticed is that my twinflame thinks he needs the support of alcohol when he is with me. He then takes a few drinks and becomes more relaxed, and the more he drinks, the more he lets go of his feelings. I have been perplexed about this a few times. At first I had a tendency to go for a drink, but I no longer do that. In a sober state I remember what he says and I can do everything better! place. Moreover, I want to show him that it is not necessary to drink to feel more relaxed. Who recognizes this piece by himself or his own twinflame?

Answer 9
I also think it is possible that I sometimes did not recognize and recognize him in the past. As I got to know him, I think he looks different than if I met him on the street, for example. It has happened that I saw someone looking back and thinking about it later, and thought “would that have been him?” Sometimes I am somewhere and then I look around and think of all the men who might be there looks like it will be him .. stupid huh. But I don’t see him that often (without a glance around it) or I don’t recognize him.

Answer 10
Answer 8 I recognize that when I’m close to my twinflame. A few of our beers bring our goods to the surface. I then completely expose my soul to my twinflame. The alcohol enhances the feeling of happiness when I’m in the area. Although I also experience that without the alcohol. But I don’t really need it, it just makes it more fun, easier, more relaxed and more fun.

Answer 11
@Remco of answer 10; recognizable huh? I wrote that piece about my twinflame who, with some alcohol, always gets a little looser to my great satisfaction;) He then says what he really thinks more easily. I always try to stop after a few wines because I want to stay clear. Then I see better what he means and I remember every word. Very occasionally, when I am a bit tense before we see each other, I drink something and then the tension is quickly gone. But most of the time I feel pretty relaxed in his presence. My twinflame is a laid back person and I know that he sees me flawlessly. We once agreed to meet somewhere (no, not romantic or something) and then I said that I had not slept well. He then asked if I was so nervous. And although I have answered in the negative, that was indeed true. I was bloody nervous, spent hours in front of the mirror and wore my whole wardrobe and pulled it out again. It was a great afternoon in which we were really together for the first time without the presence of others. But even then he had to have a few drinks to gather.