Q0949. Do you now also look at ‘normal’ relationships differently?


The ego of earthly existence and the habit of the virtual world. Now that I have experienced the difference between these two worlds. I look differently at relationships in an earthly relationship, you have to meet everything your partner wants. And in the virtual world that just doesn’t matter then you are how you are. And that over time is simply accepted. Don’t you have that you look at relationships differently?

Answer 1
Yes, I now see that you have earthly relationships and spiritual ones. In the latter, unconditionality is something that is perfectly normal, and not in the earthly. Therein much is bound by conditions. Even if you get married, you have marital conditions, haha. That already indicates that you do not just take the other person 100% as it is and want to build in extra security. The love between two twinflames is in itself unconditional, but that also depends on the level of consciousness of two parties involved. For example, my twinflame is still very much in his ego, while I just love him unconditionally. With all its plus and minus points. I love the human twinflame, he doesn’t have to do anything for it, it’s there.

Answer 2
Yes, I look at it differently. That was already the case, but soul love has emphasized that. I set higher demands on relationships. I feel very quickly whether someone is interested in me for who I am or just because I can be of service to him / her. The associated ‘love’ in the latter case is often fake and calculating, only meant to give me the feeling that the care comes from two sides, while the other only thinks of himself. I have an allergy to that type of connection.

Answer 3
Why does the other person think of himself? Maybe he was a bit short and you supplemented that. He has certainly supplemented you as a result of which you have grown.

Answer 4
I don’t learn much from it myself, because I see things like that coming in advance. I then decide to help someone like that, that is a rewarding job, I say, but at some point I really have to cut it off, otherwise too much of my goodness will be misused. I would like to meet more people who are on my wavelength.