Q0946. Soul love and privacy?


I had a dream in which my twinflame sat at a large couch where she works. Now I wonder how far that will go. Will she find out everything about me, and me about her, up to our bank details? I find this rather private. How far does that go with you?

Answer 1
Perhaps shocking to hear for your questioner, but in my opinion there is no kind of privacy between twinflames. They know everything but everything. On an unconscious level, that is to say, and by no means everyone can easily access it at any time, so that might be reassuring. Private matters are also only earthly concepts. On a soul level, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything about your twin because he or she knows you better than anyone and will never judge you for anything, just love you unconditionally. That’s the way it is between me and my twinflame. In the past I have done some less beautiful things with regard to him, and he knows it. But he still loves me.

Answer 2
If you know your twinflame, you no longer have any privacy;) I would not worry about that, twinflames NEVER cheat each other.
(Who knows)

Answer 3
Exact answer 2. Your twinflame knows everything but also everything about you, without having to do anything for it. It is pure inner knowing, and vice versa. That also means that you will never really be faced with surprises because you know the other person as yourself. My twinflame is often doing the same things as me. Once I had a secret for him, and the next time I saw him he talked about it. Then I knew that I would never be alone again, he knows everything about me.

Answer 4
I have had a soul love for years and she already knows a lot about me and I know about her. And I love her too and I trust her that she doesn’t bring anything out. If a twinflame comes to know everything at a given moment then you will also end up in the financial field at a given moment. If so, my twinflame suddenly knows that I am rich or poor. Do you have problems with that?

Answer 5
No no problem, soul love is soul love, rich or poor, it’s all about love anyway ???? at least that’s my opinion. Love

Answer 8
Today I saw and spoke to my twinflame and it was confirmed again that there is absolutely no privacy between twinflames. I knew exactly what he had done last week (!) And what he thought when I was sitting at the table with him. And that was a lot different than what we were talking about … I also have clear-feeling capacities and know how certain things will go in his life. I don’t burden him with that, because he has to walk his own path. But sometimes I have to bite my tongue to say nothing and save him from “mistakes.” I feel very strongly that it is not up to me to protect him for everything, but to help him in his development. And I do that just by letting him commit.

Answer 9
Gosh, this opens my eyes .. I know he’s my twinflame, he denies it, even though he says he can feel me. But in the meantime, he has been contacting me at crucial moments for exactly two years now. I have always wondered how this is possible. But indeed, he knows .. An example: I was married, he kept his distance. We had no contact for months. The evening my ex-husband and I decided to separate, 2 hours later I received a text message from him, how I was doing.