Q0944. What is the proof that you have a soul love?


What is the proof that you have a twinflame? Sometimes I think it’s imagination or it’s dreaming. Although I also have astral experiences and never heard from her. I think it’s all real. What is the real proof of you that you think it is a twinflame?

Answer 1
The energetic connection through the chakras’ 24 hours a day

Answer 2
I have that, but so do I, but I have no earthly contact with my twinflame. How do you know for sure that it is real? Has your twinflame confirmed that it is true?

Answer 3
At a certain point I started to make a connection between what I felt inside and factual situations in the presence of my twinflame. Then I could also explain what I felt when twinflame was not with me. Then I also started thinking back to earlier situations in my life, what I had felt and experienced inside, think of feelings of love and physical things in your heart. Then I came to understand what all that was, while I did not know twinflame back then. I have also been meeting twinflames for at least twenty years in my dreams. That continues even now. We can communicate there, but very difficult here.

Answer 4
Pay attention to symbols … signs …. you see things that have a lot to do with your twinflame. Love

Answer 5
Answer 2 You can feel that, he only has that chakra connection with you and no one else because he has only one … That is proof to me plus a lot of factors that were much earlier in your life before you met your twin .The sense of becoming spiritual is 1, the study that needs to be done is another, the hard work on yourself from the moment you meet your twin is a 3rd, etc. you really don’t have to doubt it anymore. My twin always show information in small pieces how far he is, that is also proof. We do not see each other. We are each other.
(Who knows)

Answer 6
What do you find difficult to communicate here? Isn’t it just acceptance to take it the way it is.

Answer 7
I agree with the 3rd answer; At a certain point you will understand the relationship between what you feel and actual situations in the presence of your twinflame. For me and my twinflame, too, we communicate the best and purest in dreams. Then the ego does not play a part, and we are 100% real. That is very special. They are more astral encounters than dreams, all things considered. I sometimes also feel the headaches of my twinflame, his tiredness, his hangover after a night out, you name it.

Answer 8
Yes Answer 7 I sometimes wonder: Even though my twin and I are in our last lives, could we ever get such pure communication in our daily lives as in our dreams? Because it is indeed perfect. I feel that too.
(Who knows)

Answer 9
No evidence – no – I cannot provide any evidence to another person, if he asks, to submit, because there is no tangible evidence. Nothing tangible can be traced back to my twinflame (or my supposed twinflame). If, in a hypothetical case, he and I were interrogated before a “judge,” he would get away with it by denying that we are in contact, and thus leaving me crazy. It is not entirely hypothetical: he has already done it once and would do it again, I know that for sure. The only other human being who could see anything is an aura reader. But yes for how many people is that scientific?

Answer 10
I also think that you are the purest in your astral experiences and dreams.

Answer 11
I am from answer 3 to 7: I have no concrete experience of a chat in a dream. Sometimes it is quite realistic and it is a situation from the past, and I think I meet her in one of her subpersonalities. Most of the time I only know that we are together and exchange something. Then sometimes a sentence translated into normal language lags behind when I go back to the earthly plane, which I only understand when I wake up, but usually there is only a peaceful feeling of talking about something. We also have no body then, but I only experience a kind of light body. There are sometimes others who help. Occasionally there is an intense sense of belonging, kind of erotic but only the spiritual component, no male-female feeling, and no bodies are involved.

Answer 12
To answer 11 (I am 7): okay, that is clear. Recognizable too. I have had this kind of dream and experience for a long time. I notice that the telepathic component of those dreams is increasing. So I often dream of something that my twinflame experiences or does in real life. He tells that later and then I fall off my seat in surprise. Even in a real conversation I often know what he is going to say or what he is thinking. We are just very coordinated, I think. I saw him yesterday (I am so happy that we have regular contact!) And then I felt that intense love for him again. That goes so deep and is so unconditional that I am speechless. Never experienced anything like this and it is beautiful. He is perfect in everything, with all his imperfections. And I know he feels it the other way around.

Answer 13
For me, this answer was given earlier on Fri 910, and my reply: “There are many and again different for everyone, but one sign is very significant: There is nothing to be proven when one is in a twinflame situation. Everything is made clear (by the connection itself). For example, the harder one denies a twinflame relationship, the harder the other twinflame goes. So much clearer than an “ordinary” commitment. And so much goes without saying.

Answer 14
Inner knowing.