Q0942. What makes your soul love so special?


What do you find special and what attracts you most in your twinflame? I have seen her step by step grow spiritually over the years into a confident, confident woman who is now in control. I also showed her that you can always be connected with a loved one as well as with your twinflame through personal astral readings.

Answer 1
What I find so special and attracts the most in my soul is a very good question. At the moment my answer is: his blue eyes. That probably sounds superficial but it is really true. Furthermore, I am curious about how you have “shown that you can always be connected to a loved one as well as your twinflame through personal astral readings.” How you did that. Funny to see a “male” soul talking here. I think most are female. Thanks.

Answer 2
Everything, really everything, attracts me to my twinflame. There is nothing about him that I find less, he is my other half with all its plus and minus points, as far as you can call it that. What always warms my heart is his sweet behavior towards me; very caring and sweet. Make tea for me, ask if I want a vest against the cold, pat myself on the arm when we greet each other, ask me for advice and never a wrong word to me. My whole heart loves this man, I find him externally and internally the most beautiful man in the entire universe.

Answer 3
That is interesting what you call here “that you can have contact with both a loved one and your twinflame through personal astral readings.” Is that really true? That means that you can in fact have and feel deep contact with everyone and not only with your twinflame. I find this quite shocking news, if it is true. But my personal answer to your 1st question “what I find so special about my twinflame” (at least I suspect it is): the astral sex or telessex, what you want to call it. Sounds banal but that is because t is an indication of the depth of the relationship.

Answer 4
Nice words answer 2! That’s how I feel and experience it too, thank you! Get it completely warm, also vibrate inside as if he is thinking of me. I have never loved myself, never caught a wrong word against me. I think everything about him is beautiful and special. Dear greeting

Answer 5
Answer 1 One day a golden sphere approached me when I lay awake. That sphere opened something in my head like a kind of virtual lock it seemed. Since that time I have been in contact with the deceased and I give astral readings to various people in my area. 1 girls I have given 50 or more personal astral readings. I find her body very attractive and she has very beautiful blonde hair like an angel.

Answer 6
The unconditional love that I feel for my twin, that she physically heals me and very quickly relieves me of pain and other physical discomforts, and still after three years, can easily trace her again where she works and lives, after 28 years and she lives quite far away from me, about 90 kilometers. She is the most beautiful and sweetest woman I have ever met. I like everything about her and she never bores me. It touches the depths of my soul and that is why I am changing very quickly as a person in the positive sense of the word. I miss her very much and I really want to see and talk to her again. That she does not want to have physical contact with me makes me very sad, but I feel that I will talk to her again and that we both like that there is again physical contact between us.

Answer 7
Answer 3 Usually it works for me that the deceased contact me. Through me the person in question receives a personal reading in the astral with the deceased. The intention is that they want to comfort the loved one and let them know that everything is good. And that they don’t have to worry that they will never see each other again. If the deceased sees that the loved one misses him, I get in touch. That way they can always make contact and never have to miss each other.

Answer 8
Hi Butterfly, thank you for your compliment, I was from answer 2. Yes, that unconditional love is something wonderful. My twinflame is the most beautiful person in the entire universe, no one can come close to him, he is all-encompassing. Sometimes I wonder how he feels this himself. I have difficulty getting to know him about his feelings, but I do feel a lot through him, and I get to know a lot about how he is in our “relationship”. Do you know your twinflame personally?

Answer 9
Answer 6: I also experienced that, both a chronic and an acute (very painful) ‘disorder’ suddenly disappeared, just like that, inexplicably. Is this inherent in twinflame love? Is that mutual? Do more Soul Love recognize this?

Answer 10
Answer 9: Yes, that is certainly inherent in the love of soul, which cleanses you quickly once you are in the process. I also feel much healthier and stronger than ever before. Am also no longer susceptible to colds and flu. As if everything flows more and is in balance!

Answer 11
Reply 8 You’re welcome. Yes, I know my twinflame personally, we are friends. When we meet each other, which is not very common, I always greet him and he is always very friendly and kind to me. Can also find me very much in your answers, that’s how it is with us too Thank you, love

Answer 12
Response to answer 9 I am 100% sure that my twinflame heals me. After the second meeting I saw her after about 9 months in a dream in a dress that she always wore and in a few seconds my severe sore throat had disappeared and the pain stayed away. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. And after three years, except for about a week, she still heals me. This is true twinflame love and that is why I love her very much. I don’t know if I can heal her and I really want to know if I can heal my twinflame, because I will be very pleased to hear that I can also help her get rid of physical complaints. I think healing is a sign that the bond between us is fantastic and that love is very deep. I’m from antw.6

Answer 13
I have had an unbearable feeling in my body for 2 weeks. Suddenly it suddenly disappeared and I have no problems anymore. It must have something to do with our connectedness.

Answer 14
Answer 9 (and the rest): Have bioresonance between two precisely resonating beings.
(Who knows)

Answer 15
He is very honest and I find his smile irresistible. He can also be very funny, but I only found out later …