Q0941. Has your soul love ever touched you and how did it feel?


Has there ever been physical contact between you and your twinflame and how did this feel?

Answer 1
Only professionally, for his part. That felt great!
(Who knows)

Answer 2
Yes, that has happened several times and I really hope it happens more often;) I can tell you: it felt really great !!!! Coming home… He had given me a kind of hug, once grabbed each other’s hands, walked side by side and put my arm around his waist when he gave a kiss on his cheek ( blushed  back to back. Well we were on once to chat to a table with even more people and then he leaned very close to me, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, and he was sitting in my bag Even when I see him unexpectedly we greet each other and I always give him a pat on the back, just out of gratitude and that I am proud of him. Yes, it remains your Twin he Love

Answer 3
In earthly life or in the astral world? In the astral world it is extremely super intense.

Answer 4
Yes, only 1x, short-term. This felt so familiar and self-evident, as if it was just a very regular event. Really special!

Answer 5
In principle, you don’t have to, you feel your Soul Love all day long, even though Soul Love is not around. But I also wonder what others actually feel …

Answer 6
That has indeed happened a few times. When we greeted each other, we gave each other three kisses on the cheek and often he stood close to me so that our arms touched. He also hit my fingers once with his, looking into each other’s eyes. In my opinion that was with some intention. It wasn’t necessary, but it was the most intimate touch ever, no matter how subtle it was. Touching or grasping someone’s hand while looking at the other person radiates a lot of affection.

Here the questioner again; it does indeed feel intense, both when the astral happens (in my dream again tonight) and in real life. My twinflame is starting to touch me more and more often in reality and that feels endlessly good and familiar. As if it has happened much more often. The last time was last week. We were walking somewhere with a whole group of people and a photo was taken. He pulled me close and put his arm around me. That had never happened before and felt so great! We stood there for a moment (took a moment before the photo succeeded, went wrong a couple of times, until luckily!) And I put my head against his shoulder as I often did in dreams. It felt like old times, even though it was the first time, so strange. He starts to touch me more and more, as if he has crossed the biggest threshold, and so have I. They are small, subtle touches, but they feel great to me, nothing can beat that. It gives me a lot of energy with which I can go forward times. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 1 I recognize myself very well in that I found it wonderfully intense myself. A feeling of coming home it was so familiar and everything happened magnetic. Everything was divinely intense and her touches were magical. I kissed her too and that was hard to describe.

Answer 8
@ answer 3 and questioner (and other visitors): do both feel the astral contact? How do you know for sure that it is your twinflame? Can the earthly contact transcend the astral?

Answer 9
I agree with answer 3: mainly astral and I must say that these were never unpleasant experiences. How was that for you? Herewith I would like to express my gratitude to the founders of this site, who very well succeeded in creating a beautiful, sweet site. Thanks to the contributors of course. But there is really an enchanting “angelic atmosphere” here

Answer 10
1 time, short but powerful And just like in answer 4, familiar and self-evident. So much warmth and for the first time in my life I have felt completely safe. Very nice that I could feel that.

Answer 11
The only time my soul sweetheart touched me was that she carried me across the threshold. It totally overwhelmed me and because we were crazy about each other I melted away for her, which I did not show because I knew that she would soon marry someone much younger than me. She was 17, I was 30 years old. This has happened to me before and after. I see this as a symbol for a twinflame marriage.

Answer 12
I notice a build-up in touching between my twinflame and me. Often the initiative comes from him and the touches are normal, unobtrusive and friendly, but to me they feel like a bomb strike. Even if he only looks at me (I often catch him doing it) I feel it physically. Once he touched my forehead, and that was actually the most intimate gesture anyone ever made, don’t know why, perhaps because a head is quite a personal part of the body. The other day he asked himself to touch him, I had to help him with something where I also had to touch his head. And often when I give him or him something, we touch each other’s hands.