Q0938. Looking for contact on Valentine’s Day?


Of course it should be Valentine every day when it comes to love. But since many here have no contact with their soul loved ones at the moment, my question is whether Valentine’s Day is a reason to make contact? Which of you is going to pay extra attention to it? I myself have decided that I will write a letter to my soul. Not to send, but to inform him indirectly of my most recent developments. Miracles are not over yet, as I found out last week when I met him, so who knows, one day he will still read it on my couch.

Answer 1
Why not send that is a heavenly gift.

Answer 2
No, Valentine’s Day is no reason for me to make contact. We already have regular contact, we will see each other again next week (not just the two of us but with several people) and I also saw my twinflame last weekend. And do you know what the crazy thing is? Seeing does not add much (yes, it is always very nice to be close to him and to be able to look into his eyes, though) because I already know everything about him. He can never really tell me anything new. It is like looking through him. Looking for contact on this very day would put too much emphasis on me that I want something from him, and that is not the case. I enjoy our band but I don’t need anything with him, not now. But if he did contact me today, I would like that.

Answer 3
On Valentine’s Day I came in contact with my twinflame. Took initiative and didn’t force anything. I saw him before that much, much earlier. Had no idea then that twinflames are, so now everything falls into place. I now realize that it is ‘already’ 3 years ago that that happened. How far I am now for myself from then to now, and what has happened between us;) Much love

Answer 4
No I do not take into account any earthly agreement whatsoever, so also no Valentine’s Day for me.
(Who knows)

Answer 5
I saw her in the store and then I looked at her. I looked at her and immediately I was very happy inside. I just don’t understand that she doesn’t make any sense, we have known each other for so long. Anyway it’s no different.