Q0934. At what moments do you think of your soul love?


Today when I just got out of work and went cycling for an hour on my exercise bike. Then I got his wonderful feeling of happiness over me. Then I really had his moment of yes that must be my twinflame who thinks of me. Then the thought came to my mind of what can I happily praise myself for experiencing this.

Answer 1
When? Always, day and night, except when I have to use my head. And then sometimes she comes right through it. Even with physical exertion, indeed. If I lose myself in a book, I am immediately taken back to class. I am happy with it, but it does not feel to me that it is sending a feeling of happiness.

Answer 2
24/7 I think of him. Just what answer 1 says; if you stray for a moment then you will be called to class again. My twinflame is always in my mind, it feels like I’m living for two, can sometimes look at the world through his eyes.

Answer 3
already at work that I get his energy shift in my body. And then suddenly I feel her again. But sometimes in the car suddenly she is very nice there. I sometimes experience it in the morning when I get up and wash my face. Then I was not my face but it seems that I was smoothing my face on my face with my hands. You also sometimes read of the twins that the man becomes a woman and the woman a man.

Answer 4 The other day
I was busy with a job until 3 o’clock in the morning. Began to get my twin energized, dude, at 0.00 o’clock it already started, and then more and more, as if he wanted to say: and now it’s enough At night, he claims me for himself, never during the day. Immediately a week later, my brother-in-law comes by and tells him what? That he is not allowed to work at night by my sister, haha.
(Who knows)

Answer 5
Hi Wieweet, am I reading correctly that your twinflame is your brother-in-law or not? Funny, this is also the case with me!

Answer 6
I am also often busy at night when I cannot sleep. Then I will contact my twinflame haha. Usually I think very strongly of her. I sometimes have it when she pulls on me. Then I feel very much ate on my body. Usually when I go to sleep, she comes along that night in my dream 2 to 3 times haha.

Answer 7
All the time, everywhere and nowhere, in my heart, soul and body. I get up with it, I go to bed with it, sometimes it makes me feel very alone and sometimes it fills me with an endless, everlasting love. For 5 years already

Answer 8
Answer 7 why don’t you seek contact with your twinflame. If only by e-mail you can talk about it together.

Answer 9
Answer 5 no you did not read that correctly, my brother-in-law who is married to my younger sister, as well as my sister, who fulfill a kind of guiding function for my twinflame and I in this life. And by the way, they do not even agree with our soul destiny / future soul assignment. My brother-in-law is certainly not. He is also not spiritual and she is a wise soul, but also not spiritually aware. , very witty.

Answer 10
Answer 9, hi Wieweet, I would have misunderstood that moment. Funny that people can play a guiding role while they are not aware of anything. My husband is such a person. It plays an important role between me and my twinflame without knowing it. He is also often the one who makes us see each other.

Answer 11
To answer 8 of answer 7, he just wanted to talk, you may not believe it but I speak to my twin much more often than others here on this site, but because our situation is complex, we have made a wrong decision, we are not talking for real. He is with someone else, keeps contact, but does not want to make a choice, I have admitted it for too long and have been following him too much. we have hurt each other too much, and pulled each other. we are too much in our ego, yes I miss him, even though he seems close.