Q0930. Which ‘lessons’ are associated with meeting your Soul Love?


I am curious what ‘lessons’ can be learned after the meeting. I am curious if these lessons correspond to mine and if they become clear during or after the meeting.

Answer 1
Many different lessons. For example, that I and my twinflame are two different identities, each with its own ego. I see it this way: something in the aura of your twinflame and yours is of the same “substance”, therefore “merging” comes naturally. But because you both have an imperfect ego with mistakes, it can clash. I always thought that someday I wanted something with my twinflame. That is different now: I do not want it. Another lesson is that you grow and therefore the relationship with your twinflame also changes. Previously I wanted the attention of my twin. Not now, now it feels like too much to claim my own identity. In summary, the lesson is that people grow and that sometimes it can take years. That you therefore look at things differently, that you change and that your feelings also change. (Unknown)

Answer 2
With regard to the encounter with my twinflame it can be said afterwards that it came at the moment that I was far from my true core. He showed me that. Looking each other in the eye was enough to start a huge spiritual process. The meeting took place almost two years ago. It took almost half a year before I realized he was my twinflame. I am ‘awakened’ and the insights follow each other at breakneck speed. Every day I get to know myself better and see how the ego works. How the ego stands in the way of true love between people. The ego is really our greatest enemy. That is why I am learning to let it go now. My lesson is to return to my true core, to come in my own strength and to live from my core. I feel stronger than ever that my job is to send Love into the world. Time will tell if I have to do that alone, or whether this is clearly a joint task for me and my twinflame. Somehow I recognized what the person from answer 1 said: because I too long for the attention of my twinflame, but I am curious how this develops as time goes on. I am also curious about the lessons you are learning now! (Bloem)

Answer 3
I asked the question to see if it could be twin love in my case. I think so. You start to think very differently about life itself. Living in here and now. Being grateful for love, letting go a lot, self-acceptance, becoming spiritual on a different level, positive attitude to life, not being afraid mentally. So many to mention…. Unbelievable actually. How can this exist? (Unknown)
Answer 4 I agree with all the answers above. I have also had many lessons since I know that I am embroiled in a soul love. I have known my twinflame for over 20 years and I always had a typical feeling that I could not interpret. Two years ago it became clear to me that he is my twinflame, I am 100% sure of this. That dropped a lot of puzzle pieces into place, but don’t think it will be solved then. Then it all starts. Attracting and repelling are running away at difficult moments, telepathy and agreements. The signs, symbols and dreams. You become more spiritual, sensitive and beautiful as a person. I am grateful that I can experience it (Unknown)

Answer 5
Well I got something like this one day when a divine golden sphere approached me. Yes it is fantastic what I am experiencing. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I very much agree with answer 4, it could have been my writing! only I know my twinflame 10years tie the only difference Love (Butterfly)