Q0927. Who helps me with good advice?


who helps me with good advice, break this. I met my soul love 10 years ago and had a half year relationship, then 5 years of loose contact, then he got to know someone else and then he disappeared from view, this has hurt me very much, I was devastated by grief and homesickness to him (TO THAT SUPER HEAVENLY FEELING) I still wish him all the happiness of the world with another, my I missed him soooooo I was even sick of it, ended up at the doctor and Psychologist I was told it’s just heartbreak that should wear out, but I knew it was much deeper and had nothing to do with heartbreak. I didn’t see him for 6 years until he called a few months ago to see if he could come by (he is now alone again) I didn’t know what I heard sooooooo happy and again that heavenly feeling we had a very nice day, he thought also by the way, a week later he was again unexpectedly at the door SUPER SUPER AWESOME I told him how great I thought it was all super etc etc now he withdraws completely he is now unreachable for me, I hear or see him no more , he did let him know (e-mail) that he cannot stand the fact that I want him. (he knows it hurt me so much at the time) he wrote the best thing is that I will never see you again, because YOU can’t handle that and he doesn’t want to hurt me. I really can’t handle having to go through such hell again for years, all wounds are open and now ?? I really try everything to get him out of my mind to find distractions, try to think differently etc etc but nothing at all helps, sometimes I am angry but that soon passes then I think it’s my problem and not him, so getting angry is not entirely fair, I thought it was incredibly incredible that I saw him again after 6 years, twice he came and now no contact anymore he says he doesn’t feel anything for me why did he visit me and all the wounds opened it and then he retracts again, I still think he is great he can’t help it I think he is so dear to me I can’t really get angry with him but to be honest I feel quite deserted let who has advice? Who knows what

Answer 1
It depends on how many lessons you have already learned in the previous lives and how many lives you still have to go, I think. The older the soul, the more fixed it is, the less free choice one has. This also applies to twinflames. (my twin and I) are in our last life and that has been fixed from birth. If you come together in this life you get packaged messages and signs about it. And in our case, one half gets them through from above and then passes the message on to the other half, at a time specified above, very timed and dosed. That is because the other half has to let go and give up a lot for reunification, therefore in bits and pieces, for its daily work to be able to continue to do so. If I may add this, someone who very well describes the state of affairs for soul reunification,

Answer 2
It really is what you describe. They give you hope but they can’t. Could it be that he has enormous fear of attachment? That in those five years he went for less because he was so confronted with your fear? That he now wanted to see if he (and you) could handle it now? Perhaps it felt so intense again for him (because of your strong feelings that I recognize!) And he immediately became scared again. Believe that his feeling is real to you! But it is too intense for him. It’s not entirely fair what he does to you, I think. If it is his fear, he can’t do much about it, but he should still be able to put himself in you. Apparently he’s not ready for it yet and it’s all about his fear. I have also been in such a situation and you can hardly be angry because you love someone so unconditionally. But on the other hand you can also expect that someone wants to work on themselves and learn to deal with those fears. But then the person must be aware of that fear. Which! he hurts you so much indicates somewhere what selfishness I think, but I know, you forgive him for that too. As for those intense feelings of yours: I read somewhere that love is altruistic, and desire selfish. I am now working on this myself and also still getting stronger myself, being in my own strength and being less dependent, because perhaps there is also the bottleneck there. I hope you find my answer useful. In any case, I understand very well how you feel. It sucks … But keep going! You can do it!!! You are not alone! Together we are strong! :))(Unknown)

Answer 3
It is clear who cannot handle this: HE. Typical case of a “runner” that runs away if it gets too complicated. This often happens with twinflames when one is not ready yet. You have been honest with him about your feelings and he is not ready for that. Looked up, but then withdrew. Apparently too intense. It is logical that you cannot be angry with him. You cannot be angry with a twinflame (at least not for long) and love is unconditional. My advice to you is to try to let it go as far as possible, to contact him. Occasionally think of him in love, send him loving energy and send positive thoughts to him. Furthermore, you let it go, you tell him in yourself: “I will send you away in love now, come back when you are ready”. I know this is very difficult, but if you really want it works. And it is the way to make him grow in feeling. Success! (Unknown)

Answer 4
Answer 1: Thank you for referring to the Marcel Graumans site. I have read the piece about twinflame and it fits in perfectly with what I experience, so recognizable. (Unknown)