Q0921. Stay with your own feeling


How do I find out what my feeling is and that of twinflame? And how do you know that he / she is thinking or pulling you? I feel so much right now that I just don’t get it anymore, I don’t know what belongs to him and what belongs to me. Then again full of energy and then again the opposite, or suddenly so sad if you were just as happy. What is this about?

Answer 1
Feel your heart, the contact is strong there. In the beginning, feelings will often be overwhelming. Because you suddenly get the other person’s package. That becomes less as you learn to deal with it. There are sometimes feelings that I recognize as not mine, for the twinflame period. If I consciously wonder if they are mine, it helps … if I think they know they are twinflames then I say / do something encouraging to twinflames about that. And when it passes, I know. I find out more and more that you will continue to share a lot from the physical encounter (that you really see each other, speak). That that is inevitable. You will never be alone again, and you will have to get used to that idea. That you no longer have privacy. (Arundash)