Q0918. How to handle this?


How do you deal with that terrible pain when your twinflame suddenly withdraws completely, is completely unreachable .. how do you deal with the pain and intense sadness when your twinflame just leaves you, without knowing why? He says I can’t stand it when I see him, I even think it’s heavenly when I see him. He says he feels nothing but my feeling says something else. who has advice?

Answer 1
Ask him questions and find the answers. Recall memories, feelings and moments of happiness, he must know that. If he denies all that, ask what the problem is that he denies it and what he is afraid of. (Unknown)

Answer 2
These are the same words that I and my twinflame used to each other. I then asked him if he would look at me when he said those words. He can’t do that. In the meantime I found out, if he recognizes his feelings for me, then a 2nd step should follow. Unfortunately they can’t handle it for some reason. They choose the easiest way by saying, I don’t feel anything for you. (The bottom line is that a feeling comes to them that they do not recognize as love). They do not need the conversation. I say that I cannot speak for you. I can tell you, work on yourself, come back to your strength. I know it’s hard for you, but eventually it will be easier to wear. Get well soon! (Manon)

Answer 3
I always wonder, the feeling between me and my twinflame is getting better and stronger every day. But I don’t hear from her and I think that’s a shame. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Agree with Manon. And know that if you can listen to your feelings very pure and this tells you that he feels something for you, this is also true. But only reliable if you can listen to your intuition objectively. That’s how it works for me. My Twin Soul has already made many statements showing that he likes me and more than that. But saying with those words he will not do quickly. It doesn’t matter, I know it anyway. In our case it is also not done to pronounce it so we both keep it tidy. But the energy and telepathic thoughts between us speak volumes.