Q0917. Is it always mutual?


I wonder if the feeling always comes from both sides. I met my tz 5 years ago and am still in pain every day, sometimes I think I’d never seen him, because it hurts so much. He feels nothing, he says, but sometimes he visits me, but says he doesn’t feel anything for me.

Answer 1
It is very striking that questions 918 and 919 provide an immediate answer … coincidence does not exist. (Arundash)

Answer 2
Real twinflame love is always mutual yes. But in many cases it is true that one half has already recognized it and the other has not. And then the whole process of attracting and repelling (as with you) begins. There will come a time when the other party will also fall, and that can be triggered by something very small. But you never know when and where. Coincidence does not exist in this one either, you just have to wait for the time and meanwhile lead your life and send a lot of positive energy and love to your twinflame. It is very useful to him. (Unknown)