Q0908. Being able to cope better with a twinflame through experience?


Do you not have that as you progress through the years that you can get along better and better? In the beginning it was difficult and you almost went crazy and it was difficult to place it. And now it is all easy for you and it has just become a habit.

Answer 1
Yes that is true, that enormous unconditional love gets that for each other, it strengthens and also enlightens you. Twinflames have little more to do with enlightenment, unless they may have worked together for years. Because breaking up the old with all the emotional consequences, almost always one of them has a family and all the trimmings, that has nothing to do with enlightenment (imo) (Wieweet)

Answer 2
You worked hard on yourself to come to this. It has taught you to handle it more easily so that you have more room for other things that you find important. If I want, I can contact my twinflame any time of the day, but I no longer have the need as before. When we are together, the bond between us is very strong, but can handle it in a controlled way. He and I are single. It is a wonderful feeling that I am no longer dependent on the feeling. It has changed my life but has improved and become happier. It has made me a better person. (Manon)