Q0907. Crazy acting


I no longer have contact with him. The reason is that I was crazy about contacting him. Do you also recognize that you will be a different person with him? Most of all, I just want to keep talking and get nervous and nervous. Want to share all your angry sad and happy feelings. Want to talk a lot about life. I just feel like a bulldozer of feelings and information. Do you recognize this? In my case, no contact is best, then I come to myself and I can work on myself better. I miss him very much. But sometimes even more myself. I now return to my own core. So it’s just the best.

Answer 1
Oh, I recognize this very much! I am no longer myself when I see him. Sometimes, when I am very comfortable and very relaxed. But most of the time not, because when I know we’re going to see each other, I get completely hyper and I don’t know what to do. He must think … Now I haven’t seen my twinflame for weeks, and that brings a wonderful peace indeed. I come back to myself and see everything clearer. The strange thing is that I see the same behavior with him, he also has difficulty determining his attitude and then behaves very aloof. (Unknown)

Answer 2But I haven’t seen him for a year, I still emailed half a year ago. I have a plate in front of my head, he says, so I have to put it away. (Unknown)

Answer 3
When I meet her, I am not myself either. Then everything becomes very uncomfortable, I have experienced that at the fair or in the store. I have pdd-noss and have to deal with fear in social situations and escape behavior and hyper mainly in the pub with many people. But for a few beers that is less. When I see her I recognize a number of patterns that she also has that I also have. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Know that very well, very crazy and weird then, sometimes I was no longer exactly myself. I sometimes gave very strange answers, which I would not otherwise say, also very many and rapidly changing mood changes, such as suddenly very happy and then angry and angry, suddenly sad and etc … And then that was even without me didn’t know her then, but through that online meeting back then, it made me crazy sometimes. It really is something very special to experience something like that, but I also found it extremely energy consuming afterwards. Sometimes I became a DramaQueen lol, for example, while I am a man, but because I sometimes had her moods, of course, I really thought at the beginning, what happens to me here? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Soul love is such a life-changing phenomenon, everyone starts behaving ‘crazy’ through it, that has nothing to do with PDD-Noss (or whatever it is called) or a disorder that someone already has. People with ‘mental illness’ may recognize a soul’s love in certain situations because they naturally have an extra antenna – but don’t turn it around. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I will remain myself, only when I meet him will I get very nervous and I will be disappointed. Then I am afraid that I am radiating something different than is the case. My hope is that he understands that. It is also nice to know someone you look like, I sometimes find it pretty scary. (Unknown)