Q0905. Playing roles in terrestrial relationships


Are there people who behave differently in their earthly relationship with their partner now that they have met their twinflames? Suppose you kiss your partner and your twinflame comes through with his feeling what do you think of? Or imagine you are in bed with your earthly partner and you have sex and your twinflame comes through, do you think of your twinflame or your earthly partner?

Answer 1
To twinflames (Unknown)

Answer 2
Very honest; yes, I sometimes agree with my twinflame thoughts when I have sex with my partner. Even when we kiss. I sometimes imagine what it would be like if it was twinflame who was with me. I don’t play roles, I’m just myself, but I don’t share these thoughts with anyone. That is mine alone. (Unknown)

Answer 3
And is it better or worse if you do not. I can feel the sexuality at a distance when she is busy and she thinks of me then I get excited. I also do that the other way around haha. I also have that when I meet her in my astral dreams when she touches me. All very special and it is just wonderfully intense and lifelike. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I hadn’t had sex with my partner for a long time. Since I met my twinflame, I have not tolerated any touch. I have no contact with my twinflame. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 4, why do you remain stuck in your current situation? (Unknown)

Answer 6
Oh yes, falling in love with another person doesn’t cost me much effort either. I’m actually always in love with someone, that’s just inside me. But do you know what it is? All the different men I fall in love with, all carry a small piece of my twin. The one has the same appearance, the other similar facial features, or color hair. You name it. But none of them has the total package, so they are all just not in the end. It is only my twinflame, but there is no relationship with him at the moment. So I enjoy my crushes, it remains a nice feeling. (Unknown)