Q0900. How does an earthly partner experience it?


I sometimes wonder how my twinflame is in her earthly relationship with her partner. How do you experience that? And what are the problems that you encounter?

Answer 1
Heavy and difficult! For many years, long before I met my twinflame, I have been trapped in a bad marriage. A long time ago I accepted that, and “spent my time” until I was roughly kicked out of the corner that I had crawled into. I was not spiritual, and I was very confused by what happened to me. After that ‘the misery’ really begins! You want to get away from the play called marriage, and, in my case, your twinflame disappears from view. I often long for the time before I met my twinflame, although it wasn’t happy either, but not so turbulent. I think it is painful for all parties! It is a difficult path, with a lot of sorrow and pain, with the hope that love awaits everyone in the end. (Unknown)

Answer 2
When I became aware of the fact that I had met my twinflame, I already had a relationship and that love has remained. Why do I find it so difficult to have a relationship with someone I love very much and at the same time to love another (tz) very much .. Perhaps because I am too concerned about the earthly idea that it does not belong. I sometimes get the feeling that I have to choose. Feel a kind of pressure from the other side (tz). I may know what I want most, but I am afraid of the consequences. I do not know what is best and try to live as much as possible in the now and to go by my feelings. That feeling is that it is not yet time to tell my partner what is going on. And that I might not be ready at all. (Unknown)

Answer 3
To answer 1: Why did you get confused, why do you stay stuck in a bad marriage? What happened to your twinflame? Why heavy and difficult? Why do you long for the time before you met your twinflame? Have you not grown and changed because of the beautiful feeling that your twinflame brought to you? Why is there no more contact? Know that normal friendship with him / her is also possible and beautiful, that does not have to be more … Keeping each other at a distance is much more painful than being confronted with each other and knowing that it is not possible through an existing marriage … That is what I experience … Love! (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 2: Do you have the feeling that your twinflame is putting you under pressure? Or can that feeling just mean intense connectedness? I experience it that way. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 3: I was confused by the intense feelings that I did not want to admit because of my marriage. By the time I understood what was going on, the contact was broken. And yes, I have grown. Because your environment does not grow with you, but does see (and does not accept) that you are changing, it is quite difficult. Normal friendship would indeed be nice, but then you must be in contact Love! (Unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 4; No, I do not think that twinflame is putting me under pressure, it is more a feeling that twinflame wants me to see what is there and that I have to be open to it. I see that and I do that. But perhaps I have not been so clear about that yet. I also feel impatience from the other side. I have the feeling that we want the same thing, but it is easier said than done. (Unknown)


Answer 7
To answer 5: yes, that is true in my case too, he roughly broke the contact and completely banished me from his life … probably because it was not accepted in his environment. However, I just wanted to be friends with him, I didn’t want to intervene between him and his wife … and even that is no longer possible. This makes it all so painful. Oh well, we have to go further (Unknown)

Answer 8
To answer 6: It seems difficult for your twinflame to see that you are open to it when you have a relationship with another person. Maybe that’s where your twinflame’s impatience comes from. Then it may be time to be clear about where exactly you are, then your twinflame knows where he stands. Can you tune whether that is true, what both want. My twinflame was silent, but at the time was not sure what was going on. I don’t even know if she already knows that. But I have the impression that it is. (Unknown)

Answer 9
To answer 8; Yes, that seems difficult to me. But how can you make something clear if you have no contact .. (Unknown)

Answer 10
To answer 9: You probably mean: If you have no contact about your soul love? And you are left with that impatience, why shouldn’t you still be playing an open card? Certainly if you have closed the door earlier yourself. I would appreciate it if my twinflame would say: Listen, I know what’s between us, but I’m not ready yet. Then I can say, OK, I can wait. Then I was happy for the moment. With that recognition alone. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Well, I have already sent a letter once that she is my twinflame. I was rejected by that, she did not want earthly contact with me. That is years ago I have left her alone all this time. But I don’t dare to write a letter a second time and I don’t because she probably misunderstands that. She also has an earthly relationship and a child. Yes it is a pity that she has never heard from her, but what do you do about it. We still see each other in our dreams. Time will tell how it will develop further. (Unknown)

Answer 12
To answer 11: I understand … you have already made it clear. How can you do anything else? Never tried to make contact in any other way? Perhaps only the idea of ​​a relationship of taboo and other contact is possible, and at the same time grant her her own path. As long as there are those dreams, there is that attraction, stay confident. (Unknown)