Q0898. How do you experience this?


I have a soul love and for years I have had soul contact with her, sometimes it is very nice and cozy and we have common contact. And the other time she rejects me and runs away from me in my astral then. It has been like this for years, but we keep looking for each other and we feel strongly about each other. I also have no daily contact with her. Had once over the phone but due to the energy it was almost impossible to understand. I would like to contact her even if it is just a friendship through the mail. She has an earthly friend and a child I wish her luck. But to sit in that uncertainty every day and to feel it or to come across dreams or astral worlds where everything happens. And she doesn’t even contact those many years, I don’t understand. How do you experience this?

Answer 1
I see it that way in the previous life we ​​had a love relationship. And if we had agreed when we are on earth, we will continue with our relationship. Now that we are on earth, we are reminded of our soul dreams who we really are and where we are originally from. As a bachelor, I remember that she made the choice to opt for an earthly partner. That is her good right if she is happy I wish her that. Whatever she thinks about me, good or bad, I will always love her unconditionally. (Remco)

Answer 2
You often get advice that you actually do not want to hear, especially because the yearning for contact is huge. You can choose from 2 things, accept that it is not there and that she does not want it or you will continue to look it up and experience the consequences. Once you are in the acceptance of no contact, you will notice that the craving also fades. You have to deal with your ego that makes you suffer for the craving. If you are in your heart, you do not only have the ‘being’ (as it is). Because I let it go I noticed that I still had to work so much on myself but also my twinflame. In addition, your twinflame will not be at all ready with its feeling of being at the twinflame level. The craving invites you to work on yourself to achieve harmony within yourself. (French)