Q0897. Appointment violated


If it is ‘predestined’ for 2 people to come together, but 1 of 2 does not stick to it, then the whole thing can get into trouble. What do you have to do then?

Answer 1
No, things are different, but not “in the soup.” Then fate determines something else. For those (twinflames) who are in the last life it is tightly regulated, I think, although there is some resistance from one or the other. But in that life there is no escaping that, they are already prepared lifetimes for the predestination in their last life. In all other cases, the following applies to me: The person who retains the predestination – and opts for Plan B -, who makes use of his free will, does the other a lot of grief with it and at some later moment in his life he gets that grief as a boomerang reflected on him, through life itself, and he becomes a joyless person. After all, he once went against the predestination – Plan A – and will get the feeling that he has never taken out of life that it was already destined for. (Who knows)

Answer 2
It cannot go wrong; we are not perfect, listen to your intuition and trust in a higher power; it also brought you together. (Unknown)

Answer 3
What I know is that you are always thrown back at your appointments, whether I want to or not. The universe helps you with that. This is my experience, I also see it with my twinflame, his stubbornness cannot cope. Something is constantly pulling us together. In short; we have to learn how to interact. (Manon)

Answer 4
Nothing .. You cannot do anything, and you must not do anything .. since everything goes according to the divine order .. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I fully agree with the previous answers. You can’t do anything, but sometimes you would like that. You have to let go and trust upstairs. If it is not time yet and you want to do everything to get in touch with each other, for example, but it doesn’t work out, you just get frustrated. Don’t you get any characters that can’t be coincidental anymore? (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes, answer 5, the signs keep coming, nothing happens for nothing in life. For the rest, life is as always: growth> amputation> growth> etc. (Wieweet)

Answer 7
Answer 5, I thought for a long time that it would be okay. That was what my feeling said and I insisted. But if a twinflame does not want to, it is apparently allowed, nobody calling him / her on the mat. The weakest link determines the outcome … (Unknown)

Answer 8
I also agree with the answers that you cannot do anything at all. You can let the person know as I did. But you can’t do more. You must try to release that person in his / her choices. If there is no reaction or nothing from the other side, you will have to respect that, no matter how heavy and sad that may be. Loving is also letting go, giving the person happiness and freedom in her / his life. I occasionally read messages about agreements that you made with each other in another life. That the relationship will continue in a next life. Me and my soulmate also made this agreement that we would wait for each other. Yet I am becoming increasingly aware that the universe has different tasks for us. My soulmate knows nothing, I think she has no idea. Maybe I am mistaken and this is an easier way for me to deal with it, I don’t know. The only thing you can do is move on with your life, not sit down and wait for a miracle to come. The choice always lies with you how you deal with it. For the other half it is more, on a spiritual level you are already developed to feel your soulmate or twinflame. The universe can only give you small messages, but if you don’t see it or don’t want to see it, you can’t do much. I notice stories that often one half is already there and the other half is not. That also says something… Perhaps we should learn something by letting go of the other and respecting his / her choice not to want to continue in this life or to meet friendly with their soulmate / soul love. You cannot force love, love will be present in the soul of the other. Only we know and feel that love. It is frustrating and it feels like having to go through life amputated or having to live alone as twin brothers because your brother or sister has died, it is no different. Time will tell and the answers will come one time. I really hope so …! (Unknown)

Answer 9
You can be a support if you have contact with your twinflame. My twinflame is leading a very difficult life for the moment. By confronting him now, I help him to persevere. Of course it is his decision what he does with it. I find that he nevertheless accepts my advice and eventually works with it. We all need a helping hand to get ahead, why not your twinflame. The twinflame connection is something very beautiful but I do not see it as a sacred thing just like everyone else a person here on earth who also has his lesson to learn. (Francien)