Q0894. How to interpret characters?


I have not seen my soulmate / soul love / twinflame for almost 3 quarters of a year now. Had 2 times superficial contact via a page but not otherwise. Coincidentally, I had to be at his workplace this week, but unfortunately I didn’t see him or bumped into him. A few hours after I was there I do some shopping and find a note sheet from that workplace in the shopping bag (I worked there myself) .. 2 minutes later I was thinking if he would ever think of ME , really 2 seconds later my eye falls on a book with the title: I will never forget you. I read the back cover, and the main character in the book has the same appeal as my soul love … how bizarre !!! 3 quarters of years ago I was very convinced that I would get in touch again with him through a relationship or as colleagues. Now that I have not seen him for longer, I am convinced that it will no longer happen. He has also just had a child…. How come I continue to see signs that relate to him or the word twin. Is that just coincidence (which does not exist) or do I have to be patient and will I ever get in touch with him again? How do I find out?

Answer 1
Yes, this is still too brief to be able to draw conclusions. You are alert and that is already a good sign in itself. The signs I got on my path have also been brief in the beginning and I almost never dream, well I immediately saw it in a horoscope and in a packaged message in two conversations that we had right at the start, and it is precisely these two conversations that summarize our future meeting and soul mission. . And certainly not make things heard that he wants to hear as a person, but send things in mind that the soul wants to hear. The result is not important now, not even at all, the process, the way to get there, that is important now and in the coming years. The less contact you have, the better the process goes! (Who knows)

Answer 2
I know it all too well, those signs everywhere and always. I have often wondered what they want to say and I don’t know. I think they point you to the fact that you are twins, a piece of confirmation. That’s how I see it. They strengthen me time and again in my belief that he and I are inextricably linked and must have faith in the universe. Because as humans we cannot possibly oversee and understand everything. Even though things seem impossible now, they probably aren’t. Time is only a relative concept, an earthly concept. Since I understand this, it has all become much clearer. Not less difficult, I do miss my twinflame, and sometimes I long for him. But I can handle it now and let that go. The feeling that remains then is pure love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Last week the film Serendipity was on TV and it shows very nicely (and a bit exaggerated, it is film after all) how signs and signals and coincidences play a role between twinflames. If you have never seen that movie I would recommend it. For me, getting signs works just like in the film, you have to develop an eye for it, but once you have that, the gate is damned. This morning I walked past a shop window and was thinking about my twin. Then there was on a card: “Get Together”. In my mind I wondered why he sometimes acts so aloof and then saw “Simply Human” on another sign. Isn’t that wonderful? (Unknown)