Q0893. Can’t live without her


I have not had her in my soul dreams for 6 months and now January 1, 2012 an angel approached me. And I meet her again I have found that I cannot live without her. I feel amputated if she doesn’t get into my soul dreams for a while. If she gives me a good feeling, his wonderful feeling flows indescribably through my body. I would like to become friends with her again. Previously she unfortunately broke the friendship through hyves. Although we do not have to enter into a relationship, I think it is a shame that we do not just mail each other. Are there people who have this too?

Answer 1
Oh yes Remco, I am going through the same thing as you. He also roughly broke my contact with me, banned me from his life. He is married and does not want to hurt the other, and is too frightened of his feelings for me … But I just want friendship with him, and even that is no longer possible. Now things are going a bit better, I can let him go better, but in recent months this distance felt so painful and horrible, I felt so torn up inside … But, we have to go further … with ourselves (Unknown)

Answer 2
Very recognizable message for me! Would almost think that this could apply to me. I think I have removed my hyves around the same time and then I had Remco on my friends list. The feeling of this energy is very recognizable and so is the corresponding amputation. And certainly the energy that gave it back and forth. Special… (Liesbeth)