Q0892. Such a special feeling but still doubt


I have had a big question for a while now and I am so lucky to have found this site to ask my question. I have known a boy for almost 3 years now, and from the very beginning we met, I never felt such a special love for him. I’ve been in love more often but like this? and since the meeting we talk every day and it seemed like he felt exactly the same to me. So the special feeling grew and grew and it was really from my soul .. and we have so much the same. But I also notice that we have both things that complement each other. I had never heard of a twinflame / soulmate back then, but I was sure that the love of the soul came, but in the end we had major conflicts and I decided that there was no other way than to break the contact. I was completely upset and so was he. I was also depressed for almost half a year, what a terrible hell it was !! But afterwards it just went back to normal and we just couldn’t live without each other. As it grows more and more I get the feeling that I am one with him and that I do not have to worry that we will ever separate (even though we have no relationship at the moment) the feeling is just so indescribably strong that we stay together, and we understand each other so well, sometimes it just seems like he can look straight through me (I sometimes find it pretty scary). He cannot do without me either, we continue to attract each other in a special way. I also read on the internet that people who already have gifts in the spiritual world attract soulmates faster, and that is the case with me, and my mother and grandfather. Would this really be my soulmate? I am only 16 years old but I feel so different from all my peers. I just can’t imagine that he and I don’t belong together, that’s just not possible …

Answer 1
I just wondered what the obstacle is to not enter into a relationship? Try to enjoy the moment. You know what it’s like to have no contact, it makes you very sad, even depressed. Enjoy the love but don’t leave other doors closed if he doesn’t want a relationship for some reason. Because you are always worthwhile for a real relationship if you want of course. Or are you happy with the free relationship? Enjoy your Soul Love even though your paths diverge. You never know that before. See the confrontation as a lesson to learn something. (Unknown)

Answer 2
In a previous life, in +/- 1866, I think, I also met my twinflame when I was 16, but you already at 13, 14? We probably did not realize that we were rationally, but I recognize the intensity and the feelings for that person you describe. Although it was many times more intense and turbulent with us, we were really in harmony. And a difference in position so pretending that we were brother and sister, looking out, walking on eggs! Fortunately you don’t have to do this anymore (?). I have a tendency towards a twinflame conclusion with you. You feel different from your peers, an “old” experienced soul that sometimes feels like it comes from another dimension …? Yes, that is also a difference in position, on a spiritual level. Would the soul world really have a kind of cupboard system? He is certainly a soulmate, I think, and maybe a twinflame, but I miss – for an old soul like you – a bit of the intensity of a twinflame date! from your story. I also think that you have shared a number of lives with each other because it also goes so naturally between you. (Who knows)