Q0889. In balance


It has now been almost a year since I saw him. I spoke to him about half a time ago and emailed me three months ago. What has bothered me the most is getting out of balance. That was also because of him. Now that I no longer have contact, it seems a bit quieter. How do you stay balanced? It seems a bit better now that I have taken more distance and put myself at 1. But often changing days …

Answer 1
I recognize what you write. I consciously kept my twinflame at bay for a long time. It actually felt really good. It is wonderful to be completely in balance again, out of contact with my twinflame. The daily thoughts of him were much less. I was proud of myself that I had achieved this. Before Christmas, something in me told me to let him hear something from me. I did. After that the contact between him and me remained. What I have to pay attention to is that I am not fully addressing all the feelings that play between us but that I must stay with myself. In the contact with my twinflame, I realize that I still have a long way to go for myself and that I have to stick to my lessons to keep my balance. (Manon)