Q0885. Spiritual relationship


I have a spiritual relationship in the astral world. I also met my soul love there and we both had a fusion. However, we also feel each other strongly in daily life, but we have no contact. I find that very unfortunate because I also want to get to know her in earthly life. She has a relationship with an earthly partner and that must be a reason I think. How do you experience this?

Answer 1
Hi Remco, I fully understand what you are experiencing and how it feels. I am in a similar situation only on the ‘other side’. So I am the one (woman) with an earthly relationship and a twinflame relationship in addition). That twinflame relationship therefore also takes place in the astral / spiritual. That means that there is contact between us especially when we are asleep, and telepathically when we are together. We see each other regularly but never as a couple, always with other people and then we communicate with our thoughts. We often say exactly the same at the same time. I do not know exactly how this band will develop further. I just hope that he will become even more intense and that we will face each other more often. A real relationship between us is not yet possible, but that we will ever come together I know for sure. Have you ever seen your twin in real life? (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have the same as you I also get out of my body at night and I come across my soul love in my dreams. I can also come in contact with the deceased. I see my soul love every now and then in daily life especially at the fair. Every now and then we also have astral eroticism together. That is so intense that I long for more. I don’t know how it will develop further between us. I prefer an earthly relationship with her. Because after all, it is my other half. (Unknown)