Q0878. Questions


How did you meet, such a misunderstanding of the partner, what did you feel, how did it go. Are they divorced? Does someone have a relationship with his twinflame? married and how is this marriage going. And stories of letting go of course.

Answer 1
My twinflame is my husband’s brother. It took 16 years before the penny fell that he was my twinflame. I now know that he is 1000% sure of all kinds of signs and incidents. So I have known him as long as my husband and at the time he was still very young, I thought of him as a brother. As he grew older, I lost my heart to him, while I also loved my husband, it has always remained that way, they are the two men in my life, no matter how crazy that may sound. That space is in my heart, but nobody knows because I know only too well that I would be strongly condemned. They are actually two different loves. The one for my husband is the so-called earthly variant with all the trimmings, and also with a good spiritual connection. The one with my twinflame is the spiritual variant, in which the contact is mainly astral (during sleep) and telepathic. I know twinflame from A to Z while that is logically inexplicable. It is also the most difficult relationship of the two because we can never really talk to each other. Because we both hide what’s between us, and that hurts because we both know what it’s really about, but this should not be brought out. twinflame and I have never had a relationship and I don’t know if this will ever happen in this life. I think not excluded. I try to combine these two loves in my life, and not to worry too much about my twinflame. It is the turn of the evening and at other quiet moments when I really come to myself. Then I feel his energy and I send something back. Sometimes a sign comes from him, or a song on the radio, or he just calls. Those are great moments that I live on in terms of our relationship. For the rest, I leave it to God / destiny or the universe. I am very grateful that I have it in my life, despite the pain and sorrow it brings. It also taught me a lot. But it is a tough and difficult process. (Unknown)