Q0877. Loss of soulmate


Is losing a soul love much worse than losing an ‘ordinary love’? Does the pain go much deeper? Is the pain much more intense? Is the grief much greater? Can it control your life?

Answer 1
You can delete the word losing, but the pain is more vicious, more vileine .. And the sadness made me absolutely ra-de-loos .. But on the other hand I personally am so much wiser from that fight (that you I had to feed myself, actually did not come with the other person, that is pricelessly beautiful, the way I feel myself now … Fully grown, with a lot of inner peace now, which I really experience as wonderful …. Look, I think it’s a waste of time that we are not together, I say that honestly … Relationship after relationship is still going down at her, but she still has a big ego to dare to go to give that; we really belong together … I am waiting, but in the meantime I am enjoying myself … but now she can ring me too … drop everything … (TD)

Answer 2
Yes it is worse, but it depends on your own soul development. The farther advanced the soul is, the easier it is to handle, I think. Compare it to school, if your best boyfriend / girlfriend gets stuck and you pass, it hurts. Well the student knows that he has to go further in his development and that urge to develop is stronger than just staying with that boyfriend in the class, that is many times worse. Imagine if the school would say, “Well, you know what? It’s such a nice couple, we’ll just leave them both”. That doesn’t exist? (Who knows)

Answer 3
For me yes… When I think back, it still hurts a lot. I try to do as little as possible about it, but that is sometimes very difficult. A lot has not been said and the way in which he broke the contact remains to. As if I have imagined everything. I can never contact him again unfortunately. And somewhere I hope for him that it doesn’t bother him, because it feels so terrible. I don’t understand why he contacted him. I hope that someday I can get rid of it and start a different relationship, but I don’t feel like that. Someday … But indeed, it does govern my life. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes !!! (Unknown)

Answer 5
If you mean your twinflame with love of the soul, then it cannot be compared to losing another love. I cannot compare it with any loss whatsoever. It will control your life. Whether that works out positively or negatively depends on you. Although the loss of the relationship or not wanting to go together in this life does not mean that you have lost each other, you will have to shape it in another way if you want to survive. If the other does not want contact, it can still be at heart level. That will remain because the connection is unbreakable. You can learn to feel that and learn to handle it. Without wanting to send the other person, that is important! If you do that consciously, then you know that you can continue to support the other person in his / her growth even if your twinflame does not want to see you. That way you can stay positive and meaningful, what gives your life meaning. (Arundash)

Answer 6
Oh yes, that hurts a lot more, because it is much more intense and deeper than ordinary love. I met my Soul Love a year ago. I had contact with him for a year, but a relationship with each other was impossible … I accepted that, no matter how much it hurt. Due to all kinds of circumstances, he blocked me completely a few months ago. However, I still had some contact with him via email. I then told him that I had met a new love. However, that relationship lasted only a week, I didn’t realize that this was a sham feeling … I never could tell this to my Soul Love anymore, because there is no more contact via email. He now undoubtedly thinks he is the only one with this special feeling, but I also think about him 24/7. The pain, the distance between us, … tears me up inside. I would really like to get back friendship with him. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Oh my God …. Really yes. I feel amputated. We no longer have contact. I was not careful with him and he was not with me. We missed each other a second time. Every day I think of him and I send emails that he doesn’t send anything back because I asked him to do that. But I miss him every day. As if he died that is how it feels for me. In mourning. But I know I have to get started with myself. I have a lot of work on myself. More than him. He has sufficient self-love. But dear how I miss him. Incredibly the feeling you just can not explain. A feeling in the belly. I don’t think I’ll ever see him again so I have to let him go but I still can’t … both in relationship. We have never had physical contact but god I would have liked to say that…. (Unknown)

Answer 8
In one word YES. I have lost my great love for 7 years now and to this day I cannot accept that. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. We have been together for 18 years and for me we just belonged together. I see my ex weekly and that only makes it harder. When I see him again, I’m completely upset. I hope that someday I can get it out of my system and continue with my life, but to this day that just won’t work. (Unknown)

Answer 9
In 2 weeks I went with my Soul Love from love at first sight, to soul contact and love, to soulmates forever, to friends for life and finally to …. I never want to see you again. I feel lost and amputated. You told me to let it go, to give it a place and to grow from it and you broke off every contact. Although we have only physically experienced each other for 3 days I know, no, I feel that I will never experience this again. Instead of making me stronger, the bar is now so high that I don’t think I can ever start a relationship with someone again. (Unknown)