Q0871. What should I do?


Who wants to help me with some answers? I am currently on the run for my twin and I am not sure what to do. He is married to a very sweet woman with whom I can very well agree. Every time I’m around him, I’m just not myself, the feelings, everything around it, I’m just being led. It is as if I am no longer myself, I feel him, I see him, I have now withdrawn but I am not sure whether I am doing well. Don’t know what to do at the moment, who can help me ?? ..

Answer 1
Yes that you have withdrawn, you are doing very well. You are on the run, is that because you are forced to have contact? Through your work, street or family or something? (Who knows)

Answer 2
I am the questioner and I met him through a family at a party. Whenever we have a party again I see him, he is already asking for me at my niece’s and yesterday I spoke to him by phone and I was very happy again. It just doesn’t get any easier because of that, greetings. (Unknown)