Q0866. Sex at a distance?


I often wake up at night and feel like someone is having sex with me. Also this feeling occasionally during the day. Who recognizes this? Is this possible or is it between my ears?

Answer 1
When I actively touch my own body, whether or not this is for myself with a sexual intention, I sometimes feel a reaction from my twinflame in my heart. This usually happens late in the evening, and sometimes at night resp. during the day. I wondered what she would feel if I hit my fingers with a hammer. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, that is certainly possible, I also have sex on a soul level. And also during the day I feel her when she is in the area and that feels good, it is wonderful. I also feel excitement then I know she has been busy and thinking of me, that too is a wonderful feeling. (Unknown)

Answer 3
My twinflame is not allowed to work at night. From a distance he feels that, after 12 o’clock he wants me to go to bed so that our souls can make contact. I don’t know if I will actually keep him from sleeping. As soon as I lie down, the kundalini energy starts to work. The longer I postpone that to bed, the stronger that kundalini works, natural high feeling. (Unknown)