Q0863. Will twin ever be there?


My twin is not yet ready for twin love, but I am, so I’m actually in the waiting room. Of course I will continue my life, but major breakthroughs in ‘getting closer to yourself’ do not have to happen to me anymore, because I am already listening to my feelings, I have already finished that piece. But I find it a bit silly that I now have to wait for him and do not know whether he will ever get so far that he chooses me. So it depends entirely on him whether we still get together, yes or no. I find this often quite unfair. As if my feelings don’t matter. Always have to be the stronger one and ‘stink of thanks’ sometimes makes me laugh.

Answer 1
I am exactly like that. Knew that I still had to do something in my life, but what it was suddenly became clear to me when I met my twinflame. I also received that that is all – I have finished my homework. The ball is on the other side. Is all very fierce, I do not want to die even though I felt that it did not matter much when she went on the spot with another. Also find it very difficult to deal with those feelings, do not start with someone else, like her. The deeper I go to myself, the closer I get to my twinflame! So all those old lessons no longer work of letting go of the ego and looking for your soul … The only thing I can do is stay with it. To stand in that soul love. We are a. So if I take good care of myself, she will feel good about herself. Then she can also walk her path better. Wherever that goes! eventually to her twinflame, possibly a life further. When I sit down to flu, I not only give myself an unhappy feeling, but also her. Since I look at it that way, I can handle it. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I totally understand you. It feels very unfair. My twin is also enjoying life. But somewhere I feel that he is getting tired of that empty life. He is also getting older and needs true love (his own words). Yet it will take a long time before he is ready for it, for the full 100%. It is a hard school with a lot of tears and frustration for me, but I can’t help but endure it. Get well soon. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No, it is not up to him whether you come together, you are merged or not. You will notice in that case: the tensions dissolve, it doesn’t even matter anymore whether you come together or not, that easy. And it is precisely then that the right moment has all the tension out. We come together in my opinion, but are screened “from above” for five years, and something is changing, bit by bit. (Who knows)

Answer 4
I don’t know, sometimes I don’t know what I feel anymore. Is it my ego or is it my soul that brings up thoughts. It remains difficult, you constantly have to put your feelings aside. The problem with me is that I don’t want to force anything. I don’t want to be seen as a stalker because you have to be so horrible nowadays. In the past I have already made stupid mistakes by taking a first step because I did not know what happened to me in terms of soul love, I came back to it very quickly and have been silent for 5 years. Now she has taken the 2nd step to me after 5 years. With a nickname by registering on a website that I am also on, but I know it is her. The question I am struggling with is does she keep an eye on what I write or do or do I loose something in her? I keep my feet firmly on the ground and try to remain realistic, but the waiting is going to bother me. The feeling is present 24/7 and I miss this woman so much. For now I will also be on hold just like you. It is hard that I agree with you. I hope a bit for the cosmos that gives a push in the right direction. Life consists of making your own free choices, and try to make something of it. It is true, the more unhappy the one feels the other feels. (Unknown) I hope a bit for the cosmos that gives a push in the right direction. Life consists of making your own free choices, and try to make something of it. It is true, the more unhappy the one feels the other feels. (Unknown) I hope a bit for the cosmos that gives a push in the right direction. Life consists of making your own free choices, and try to make something of it. It is true, the more unhappy the one feels the other feels. (Unknown)

Answer 5
To answer 4; missing a piece in your last sentence? The happier the one is, the better the other feels? Well, my twin must feel super happy right now. I myself am in a deep valley, it has never been so bad as it is now. I don’t like it at all anymore, all life. Yes, that sounds bad, but that’s how it feels. I have to go on, have children, and so have a responsibility. But I don’t know how. Everything is too much for me, I am intensely sad, disappointed, feel abandoned by everyone, and see nothing on the bright side anymore. I can only pray that this will pass, and would prefer to lie in bed all day with the curtains closed. The coming holidays are hanging over my head like a sword of Damocles, so I don’t feel like it. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Answer 5 I sympathize with you, we all sympathize with you, went through it. Oh how rare carefree and far away life seemed before meeting the twin. Absence of the horrible intensity, you understand already I am not a Scorpio of star image, they are reeling in it, haha. For an Aquarius, it was definitely an upside-down world that I had to get used to. The feeling not to live, that is also life. Can’t you get up to (one of) your children? What do you have the most connection to? Who does it feel best to you? Maybe do something fun with that, no matter how small. “It is always 11 pm again,” Jos Brink once said. And also December 27 … (Wieweet)

Answer 7
Thank you WieWeet! Yesterday I prayed for strength and a lighter mind and I actually felt a bit lighter towards the evening. Now it goes again. I have to get rid of every thought of my twinflame, I don’t want to be busy with him because I want to let him go. It remains difficult. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Answer 7: I also tried to let go of my twin completely, but it made me very depressed. Perhaps you should let go of reading not as “never thinking of twin again”, but as “letting it be as peaceful as possible.” I suspect that you are demanding the impossible from yourself and that you are hurting yourself unnecessarily. You will never get your twin completely out of your system. Get well soon! (Unknown)

Answer 9
I am in answer 1. Maybe it would be nice to have a ‘get together’ on 26 December at one of our homes… .. not everyone with a twinflame also has a family life unfortunately. (Unknown)
Answer 10 I also have no family and I often feel the fifth wheel on the car / lonely, but I cannot do the 26th. Wouldn’t a soul love contact day also come through this site? Will it shift to 2012? (Unknown)

Answer 11
I just love being alone for two days and making energetic contact with my soul win and throwing out all the antics and frills. Moreover, I have some great guides. If my twin and I work together in the future, we also work 24/7 in a distant country without Sundays and holidays, not because we have to but because that makes us happy. (Who knows)

Answer 12
Indeed, a soul contact day would be organized this year, but unfortunately that was canceled, because I hear nothing about it. Request a registration form a few times, no response. With someone a soul contact day, why not, unfortunately, only if the person lives too far, I cannot come. Boxing Day seems a bit difficult to me, hopefully a different date can be specified. (Unknown)

Answer 13
To answer 5: It is not there. You do not read the sentence correctly. Let me put it differently, if you have a gloomy day or if you enter an emotional phase or something like that, the other person will feel it too. The unexpected moods that you feel do not always have to come from yourself. If my twz is happy in life, it gives me more peace. If she has an uncertain or emotional day, I can feel it. You can send energy remotely, but that is it quickly. I feel a bit sad, but I know that it is not my energy. Sometimes it makes things difficult. (Unknown)

Answer 14
It is all so recognizable! (Unknown)

Answer 15
I do want to open my house on a date between Christmas and O&N. I am not prepared for a large-scale meeting but if there is interest I will drop an e-mail address here asap A man or 12 can in any case. (Arundash)