Q0862. I’m looking for a fight with my partner


The last few weeks I am not feeling very well. For a while there was no contact with my twin and everything went well. Until we saw each other again. Since that day it is wrong. I constantly seek confrontation with my partner. It almost feels like I am doing that to consciously remove him from me while until recently everything was still cake and egg. My twinflame always confuses everything and turns my feelings completely upside down. I don’t know what to do with this, because I just want to stay with my partner.

Answer 1
In the long run, you are bored with your partner because it is not your other half. It is hard but the truth and you know that inside but you do not admit it. Your egos clashed too much with each other and that is why you come into confrontation with each other consciously or unconsciously. You are looking for a fight because it does not meet your expectations even if you do not want to hurt him. Your soul is on its way to its twinflame and it cannot meet those expectations. That frustrates you because you are looking for it in him and cannot get it. You don’t want to leave him because you don’t want to hurt him, but inside you know. (Unknown)

Answer 2 You know
deep down, it is not your twinflame’s fault. (Unknown)

Answer 3
You are right, I know all very well on the inside. But from the outside it is a different story, I cannot and do not want to distance myself from my partner. I’m not ready for that yet. We have to raise children together too. I still love him and he loves me too. But I am disappointed that I am constantly looking for a fight with him and driving things to the fore. What is the best now? That I distance myself from my twinflame and focus on my relationship to make it as good as possible / keep it? Or to stay in touch with twinflame and try to enjoy it remotely and silently? For clarity; he and I have never had a physical relationship and I don’t intend to do that as long as I’m with my partner. (Unknown)

Answer 4
If you are always looking for a fight with your partner, you will also hurt him, so something will have to change. Dare to make choices, don’t get stuck in yes / no. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Well, I have made a clear choice; (I was the questioner). I am releasing my twinflame, and I focus entirely on my relationship with my husband. He deserves that like no other and I also know and feel that twinflame and I do not fit together at all at the moment. That will take decades. It is not that until that time I am sitting out of my marriage or something. No, with sincere love I put all my energy into being happy together and will no longer seek a fight. The unconditional love for twin will always remain, but that may be there, in addition to my marriage. I do nothing with it, I have never said anything to twinflames about this and nobody knows. I cherish it in my heart as a small warm gift that will remain wrapped for a long time. (Unknown)