Q0849. Few dreams and yet your twinflame?

Who knows

Since I met my twinflame in spring 2008, I have had a dream in which it occurred three times. Is that little, on average, is there a standard for it? For example, who never dreams of his / her twin? I’m curious about that.

Answer 1
Dear WieWeet, I don’t think there are set rules for these kinds of things. Just as you do not judge among believers who is the most or best believer. It is a personal experience for everyone. Similarly with dreams. I do think they can occur more often during certain phases of ‘the process’. Last week alone I had two dreams in which he played a role. In the first, I knew we were in the same house, but not in the same room. The second took place at work. I said goodbye to him very lightly and walked away, knowing that we will meet again at the right time. Since then there has been so much peace and confidence in me! I am fully in the release process. A process that is certainly not linear, but that gives me a lot of insight into him, myself and God. It does not matter how often you dream about him, it is about learning to work with your dreams. See them as a signpost, a gift that you get to illuminate the route that has been mapped out for you. I wish you lots of success and wisdom! (M.)

Answer 2
I think there is no standard for this (for what is it ?!) I often dream about my twinflame very much, dreams are THE connection between us from the start, but that is personal. Can be different for everyone again. With us it is dreams and telepathy. I think that I am simply the best that can be reached when I am asleep, then I receive all kinds of information that remains hidden in the waking state. If I try to verify it later, it is always correct. (Unknown)

Answer 3
The first time I dreamed of us sitting on his lap on a long party table, someone had given a speech at the head in a large chair, but had already left. Now I know from a painting we are on, from a previous life, that it was an image of Cupid and Psyche on the way to immortality, on the way to Jupiter’s party table !! According to a comment from the museum curator on You Tube (the video has been removed so it cannot be viewed anymore). Now I think we are in our last life and the explanation of that painting was a year after my dream … And the second dream I only asked was if he knew a fellow citizen who was once my colleague, and the third time I asked why he was again He had come to me, to which he replied that it was too painful to let it go. He then had a nasty thin neck haha, it didn’t look like it. Just when I wanted to say something about it, I woke up … (Wieweet)

Answer 4
What a beautiful story and what a beautiful fact that you know that you and your twinflame are in that painting. Hopefully I also discover something about another life in which my twinflame and I were together or at least had a clear joint mission. I know he is my twinflame, but I do not yet know what our commitment is / was once. Talking about dreams: in the last dream I said something to him, which he (literally) literally said to someone else the next day! I only realized that minutes later, but I was stunned. Could this have been telepathy? (Unknown)

Answer 5
I had just decided this week to completely remove it from my life, to push it far away from me. Had erased everything that reminded me of him … It hurt … and yet I managed pretty well not to think about him anymore. And what happens: tonight I dream of him, and what a dream: an erotic … Why now? Why is this happening? Has he also had that dream? I do not want to ask myself, save me from the energy I feel, and yet this continues to intrigue me. To answer your question “Who knows”, I don’t think there is such a thing as a standard, rather something like a sign of the universe or a sign of your twinflame that he is thinking of you. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes Answer 4, that was telepathy. Congratulations! I often experience that and every time I am amazed. He and I also often say exactly the same thing at the same time. Everyone must laugh. That’s so weird, happens every time we see each other. I also know without knowing what he is doing. By the way, I don’t think he has it, at least not consciously. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 5; I know it, wanting to completely block your twinflame whatever succeeds for a while, but then it comes back even harder. You just can’t get away from it, that band is there and you can’t be denied or pushed away. I’ve tried it so many times but it always works for a while. (Unknown)

Answer 8
@ answer 6: I am the one in answer 4. And I fully recognize yourself in your story. That you know what he is doing, without really being able to know. That is exactly the case with me. So too that I think, conversely, he is not aware of this. Or maybe that doesn’t want to be. (Unknown)

Answer 9
@ answer.8 yes, is that crazy huh? That you just know what the other person thinks and how they look in life. No, actually that’s not so strange, because it’s your other half. In my case, my twin and I are each other’s exact opposite in everything. Like black and white, a perfect slide positive. And I know that if he would listen carefully to his heart, he would know exactly what is going on in me. However, he runs away for me, has contacted 0.0 for 5 weeks and I don’t have to admit either. But in the meantime I just keep getting to know what he does and especially feels. And that especially when I sleep and dream. (Unknown)