Q0848. How do you know?


How do you know for sure that you have met your twinflame and what are the signs to look out for?

Answer 1
I think you know, how else do you end up here? If I may speak from my own experience, it is a strong feeling, an inner knowing. You know your twinflame / soulmate through and through and it feels stronger than just loving. You feel remotely how your twinflame / soulmate is doing. You are intuitively connected and deep down you know that too. It is only your ego that can make you doubt, your ego can make you unsure that it is not. If I can give you a tip? Follow your feelings and try to make contact with your twinflame in your mind, I think the answers will come naturally. (Unknown)

Answer 2
It sounds so trite, but you feel it in your heart. For real. It is an inner knowing. The ego often does its best to change your mind because usually there are reasons why it should not be, why it is forbidden. But if you can put this aside and you listen purely to that inside voice, then you know it. Your feeling when you see the other person says a lot. (Unknown)