Q0833. Letting go


I met her on a dating site. I actually wanted to stop at that site, but I saw her profile and I “had to” respond. I even said the most absurd and actually immediately regretted it. What did she have to respond to that? I would probably never get to know her … But still a reaction … Since then a lot of chatting, e-mailing … It felt so different from others. I felt free to say everything and have never been so open. I have been in love before, but what I felt now for someone I had not even really met … is indescribable. So complete, fulfilled, happy, and especially no longer ‘alone’. Unfortunately, due to circumstances on her part, we have not been in contact for a few months. But I am sure I will see her again … that our chance will come. I feel it, I know it. And that gives me a double feeling. So happy that I don’t have to let her go ‘really’, but so impatiently … It may also be that I only come across her in another life … I can’t let go. I think about her every day. I am with her every day. I ‘talk’ to her. I am afraid that I am not open to others because of her. Because I now know how it feels and I don’t want to settle for lesser feelings than that completeness. How do I let go?

Answer 1
Releasing is not actually possible, you learn to live with it. And no, you no longer wish to go for less! Hope remains that there is someone twinflames who is even nicer and better and smarter … 🙂 but that does not exist. It’s just that one! Strength with this science, once you meet your twinflame, you certainly know that. And that is not easy if you cannot have contact together. (Unknown)