Q0823. Disappointed


Are more people disappointed in ‘upstairs’, because they don’t seem to help in your life, for example with regard to your twin. It is difficult for me to cope with being abandoned, that is how it feels. It does not stop at one tricky thing, it seems that luck is not in my dictionary. And I really am not a pessimist, but this is just not normal anymore. Pure torture.

Answer 1
I understand your position. As you progress through the process, you will find that you have abandoned yourself. There are plenty of insights that you get, only you are able to listen to it and act on it, even though it seems that it is not going the way you want it. After the meeting with my twinflame, my development process has accelerated. The most difficult part was letting go of things that you cannot control. Learning to listen to the voice from within helps you on your way to your destination. I now know that it is not about the desire for your twinflame but about the desire for wholeness. Since a few months I am ready to let go of my twinflame, but I will always feel a bond. Now that I have let go, I feel that I am going to be completely in my own strength again. Again striving for my own goals and living without my twinflame being part of it. This feels powerful and satisfied. In short, come back in your own strength. (Marjoram)

Answer 2
No matter how hard this may sound for you; you put it all on yourself. Your way of thinking is wrong, too negative. You are already convinced in your heart that happiness is not in your dictionary and this is then confirmed by the universe, because what you think comes back to you like a boomerang. I give you this tip and sincerely hope that you take him to heart; go and read The Secret (also available in the library) and then apply what is in this book. You will see that your life changes. It is merely your beliefs that stand in your way. I myself have experience with it and can tell you that the way you think and how you behave in the world matters. For example, if you have the deep desire to attract love from within because you are worthy to know true love, then this comes to you. But if you are convinced that it is not reserved for you, then you will receive confirmation. So: step out of the circle, read that book, and then come and tell us what it has brought you. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Thank you for the responses. Yet I cannot agree. I believe that The Secret and those kinds of books can be useful in part, but it is not saving. I am very cheerful by nature and optimistic and I treat myself with everything, but lately all kinds of unpleasant things have happened to me. A lot of shit at the same time. I don’t know why that happens to me. Maybe it’s someone else’s negative energy that will stick to me. I seem to mirror others quite often. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I don’t know what shit happens to you, but after rain, sunshine always comes, eventually. If you feel bad now, you will appreciate it more when you feel happy. I believe that everything has a reason. Bad things that can happen to people are to learn something from, although that always ends in discussions when I say so. People don’t want to hear that, they prefer to remain victims. In this difficult period you have to be extra kind to yourself and remember that the sun will really shine again. At least that’s always the way with me. But are you highly sensitive? because you think that the negative energy of others will stick to you. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 3, You can say that, but I still think that you shift the responsibility to others while it really lies with you. It is not always clear why you get all kinds of shit on your plate, but often this becomes clear later on when you think about it. I myself am also in a period where a lot of shit “happens to me”, but I do see my own share in this and try to change it. (Unknown)

Answer 6
“Seems”; That one word says a lot. It is true it seems that you cannot experience happiness. Smooth ice because what’s happiness? Feeling the feeling abandoned. I know that feeling only too well. In the same period I gave everything that SEEMS to be positive and words and books a shot. Allow me to just feel K .. With a limit of one month. Then without talking without wanting to talk about it. I started walking the road, it was without stones, without asphalt I had to pave everything myself. What now appears eight years later. Every step I took I had to make myself aware. I cut every stone to make a path. Every piece I got was the tool to take the next step. Power of the self. I wish you lots of success, creativity, and intuition to make Your path. (Unknown)