Q0822. Soul Fusion


Hello, my name is Alon, I spent 4.5 years in a relationship with someone who was my best friend for 14 years. Love her dearly, it was fierce pulling and repelling, and she used me somewhere to fill a void, lots of conflicts and mirrors. In the end she could write to me that I made her realize that she had the wrong idea of ​​love. I miss her so much. It has now been a year and she is taking a distance, I have heard the following through a session that I have followed … My soul wants to merge with my beloved’s soul, but what soul desires I must not work through symbiosis because then I am myself not, she has her lessons and I, mine, is nice if you do that together, but not for someone else like I did for 4 years. So my question is … does the above mean that we are soulmates or twinflame or am I wrong here … miss her a lot even though things are going better … If anyone has an idea about this? would be very welcome.

Answer 1
Yes, it is a shame if you want to help another person with heart and soul, but it should not be the way it is, because the other person must learn her lessons herself. Is always difficult if you have to let go, whether someone is twinflame or not, the person is close to you anyway. Will indeed be a soulmate of yours. twinflame, who will say it, you usually know it yourself like no other. At least strength with it! (Unknown)