Q0821. Is it unfair?


I have known my twin for 7 years, and since then I have constantly experienced pain, disappointment, sadness and fear. I am now 25 and have a dear friend who loves me very much. He gives me a lot of love that I try to give back, but deep down in myself I think of my twinflame every second of the day, he is just in my whole system and it never stops. I love my friend with my heart and he recently asked me to marry him. But deep in my heart and soul I am in a dilemma; is it fair to my friend to marry him while deep down in my heart he may actually be my “second choice”? Is it fair to him that I lie next to him but think of my twinflame? Is it fair to him that we are on the couch together and that I wish it was mainly twin? I no longer know what to do with life, my twinflame is married and that only brings me more pain and sadness. Am I entitled to love that I may not be able to fully answer?

Answer 1
Is your marriage applicant entitled to your sadness for your twin from day 1? You already know the answer, you already knew it while you wrote down this question. Don’t get married because the love for your twin is stronger. You will certainly get love. Not a replacement for your twin-in-your-heart. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Yes, it is unfair for yourself and for your friend. I understand you well, I have also had this situation going on, but have nevertheless broken it down. For myself I have chosen a pure heart and conscience. How difficult too !! Whether you can continue with your twinflame does not matter in principle, maybe it is important to learn to love yourself, and in this way it will not work. Goodluck!! (Unknown)
Answer 3Yes that is unfair. Not getting married and playing an open card. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Don’t marry. Your dear friend will be saddened by it, the whole environment might fall over you, but in the long run you do well, because getting married for the wrong reason is never okay. Not only you, but also your friend has the chance to find someone who suits him better. For you, of course, preferably your twin (should he ever get a divorce), but even if that is not the case, you can at least keep looking straight at yourself. And it is crude, but inevitable: do not push ahead, but be honest about your feelings at an early stage in every possible other relationship, indicate that they are not your greatest love. Strength. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes a difficult situation. I would not get married because then you would choose each other for the rest of your life, and you are not sure (never of course completely). But to say that your current friend is second choice .. What you have with your friend is totally different than what you have with your twinflame, and perhaps it is not the intention to get together with your twinflame but only to get apart to learn. I have read that it is better in a relationship between two soulmates that you can also love very much than between two twinflames. That you have to be strong in your shoes you want to enter into a relationship with your twinflame. I have the feeling that if I were together with my twinflame, it might well pop. But that is a feeling I do not know from practice. (Unknown)