Q0812. Women more open about twinflame than men

It strikes me that especially many women are present here … I think many men put their “heads in the sand” when it comes to allocating twinflames. What do you think? Hopefully 2012 will bring us much good and reunite with our twinflame. Love!

Answer 1
Women are more open in everything, and twinflames are no exception. My twinflame does not stick its head in the sand, never did it. It’s just a cold-blooded man who never shows the back of his tongue, but it buzzes through the heart chakra, that’s better than all the internet forums put together. Men often process things through the career. (Who knows)

Answer 2
I think so too. Men are usually much more rational than women, and I think they spend a lot less time on such forums. They are looking for another way to channel their feelings (if they are already aware of it). Think of gaming, drinking, smoking, decorating women, making music etc. Now I recently had a very interesting discussion with my twinflame on this subject. He said he started to listen to his feelings more and more. That ratio wasn’t everything either. I could fly around him, I was so happy that he said so. He is a very sweet and sensitive man, but he often numbs his feelings by doing the aforementioned things. I now notice more and more that this is changing. Very slowly but still. (Unknown)

Answer 3
What a shit hey! No, I think that many men do not talk so easily about their feelings, because they are (on average) less stimulated and there are therefore more men than women who first have to break through a certain discomfort before they are open about these kinds of things. (Unknown)

Answer 4
There is neither man nor woman on a soul level. (Unknown)

Answer 5
That is true, but you are also here on earth and there it does exist (Unknown).

Answer 6
It exists on earth as far as you go along with it, so you can also choose not to go with it or to do so as little as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people let themselves be outlined to a large extent by their environment and then develop within that framework and say: you see, it is true, because I also feel more comfortable with that and that role. Yes, do you think it is crazy, then you have become most familiar with that. (Unknown)