Q0811. Twinflame met


It happened a few months ago, I was waiting in the schoolyard, I saw someone standing that I didn’t know, he suddenly turned around and looked at me, he turned back again and immediately again, to look again, it was it seemed like a kind of recognition. Every time we see each other we look at each other, I feel completely warm inside, and I feel ‘soaked’, but now… .. I think he should definitely feel it too, he looks at me in a certain way, I would like to know if he is as polite as me. We are both married and have children, I have never really talked to him but I have such a strong feeling towards him. Now I know his cell phone number and have already sent 1000 sms in my mind but I find it so difficult, I don’t want to break up marriages, the only thing I want to know is whether he experiences it as much as I do. Shall I send a text or not ??? Help, how difficult it is sometimes ….

Answer 1
And if you know if it feels just like you, then what? Have you already devised the following scenario? He feels it just like you do, you enjoy it, you let it lean on you and before you know it (oh vanity!) You can’t live without it. Let it rest, at a right moment you will automatically know if it feels just like you. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Thank you for your answer. If I know he feels it too will give me confirmation. Why do I want that? That is a feeling and I will not want to do anything further with it, because I know that it is not the time why I want it confirmed so badly? That is the strong feeling towards him. I have never experienced this before, feeling something like that for someone I don’t know at all. Maybe I should just let it go and wait, that sounds hard… .. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No! Do not text or contact him in any other way. You are not allowed to get married between two people and you are married yourself. Understand me well; if you really are each other’s twinflame then that will automatically develop in the right direction in the future, you don’t have to do anything. Let it be. The more you do, the further you push him away from you and the less you do, the more he will attract you. If it has to be like that it WILL be like that, and otherwise it won’t be. (Unknown)

Answer 4
No, I am not going to text, since yesterday I have a strong feeling that I should not do that. If it should be idd, then time will tell, for now I am trying to let go of it, no matter how difficult it may be. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Do what you feel like, but stay realistic about your current situation. what your situation is now does not matter for this connection at this moment. the gods let you feel this now too, I think, even if you have a relationship. in my eyes, that means that you can certainly do something with it, as long as you keep an eye on your situation, don’t deliberately destroy things. do you want to send that sms do that then you are now entered … research … careful (unknown)