Q0810. How do I deal with this?


My twinflame is so lax. As far as he is concerned, I can go through the … bags, because at this moment I am not fitting into his life; I do not exist for the sake of convenience. But you will see: he will suddenly be on the sidewalk. How do I give his behavior a place now? Who has experience with this?

Answer 1
I have experience with it, my twinflame has been acting like this for 5 years, as if he should always go to the extreme and spawn afterwards. No idea, really no idea why it is that way, and he has to approach things that way. I only know that at some point there should also be the question of whether you still want to? Whether the pain is not too great in relation to love? Even though I love my twinflame very much, in the end I start to learn that loving yourself is a greater good, and therefore I keep getting dragged into it less and less. Not that it is as easy as I say here, bit by bit and bit by bit I have more or less managed. I am therefore totally releasing him and walking his own way. it was damn hard to look at myself in the mirror and find out, that it is also a reaction to my actions, he is (secretly) so sensitive as I am. By building self-respect for myself, I am therefore more myself, so that he can be that too. I also know how much pain this can cause, and your heart can shatter, how you can deal with him (or not at all, that is your choice) you only know by going deep inside yourself and learning within yourself stay, and set limits. Not the easiest way if you want to give someone everything from your heart, and keep it unconditionally. More important is not to let yourself play and to learn to love yourself. Sometimes a twinflame is alone in your life to show you the way to yourself. If you always have to change your values ​​and norms for the other, it can never be good, that will make you very unhappy in the long run, and let your happiness depend on him. If you feel that you have to let go, do it, it will be fine, sooner or later !! good luck girl, I sympathize with you !! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have experience with this. The best thing to do in this case is to take emotional distance from him by always sending him away lovingly (this is important!) With the message to work on himself. At a certain moment you feel that he really is leaving. If you are twins he will always stay connected to you, you don’t have to be afraid of that. But a while emotional distance sometimes does a lot for both parties. When I did this with my twinflame, he eventually came back to me with a less distant attitude. To be honest, I have to say that he sometimes falls back in that attitude and has a wall around him. But then I take another step back and send him love until it goes again. Good luck! (Unknown)

Answer 3
I do not really have an answer, I just wanted to let you know that this is so recognizable and can therefore only be a support. My twinflame is male and I am female. Although his whims look different in nature, it comes down to the same thing: you no longer know where you stand, one moment he does so the other way. It drives you crazy. I myself try to distance myself more, as if I am an outsider. And actually be prepared for this kind of behavior. It can be very painful because you expect much and much more understanding from your twinflame, while that is certainly not possible. Very contradictory actually. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Answer1; I agree so much with this! It is so important to stay with yourself and to be yourself. It all starts with loving yourself. Then you can love others too. At first, I was also rather carried away by his whims. It hurt me so much when he was so cold, and then I needed days to get myself back together. After years I now see that he is just as sensitive as I am, and that his behavior was also a reaction to my behavior. I now fully understand him and I know he feels that. Slowly things are going better between us, he will be less inclined to push me away if I get too close. It needs time. (Unknown)