Q0806. How does the environment react?


When I tell my surroundings that I love someone I never see, I only get those cliché answers like ‘put them out of your head’. Never ask questions, I immediately think that I am not completely on track. So my environment finds me a pathetic case. Experience with it?

Answer 1
The formulation of the message often determines the response to it. You may have to convey it differently. (Who knows)

Answer 2
I didn’t tell anyone in my area. There are various forums on the internet where I can tell my story and where people do understand each other. Unfortunately, most people you encounter in everyday life don’t understand unless they have experienced it themselves. It is quickly dismissed with “it’s just in your head, you see things that are not there” and you name it. Exactly what the ego’s voice is always trying to tell you. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Is that important anyway? How the environment reacts ..? Follow your heart, follow your soul. then the environment does not matter !! (Theo)

Answer 4
Yes, I do recognize this a bit. Because my twinflame is in a relationship, I sometimes told him in the beginning that I like him, etc. I notice that I was quite uncertain right from the start, listening a lot to others, following advice, etc. well he is dating, you do not get it and so on pffff. Now I know better Being tests from above to see how strong you are and how well you trust your own feelings, you have to do that no matter what someone else says Success! You’re not the only one. Love (unknown)

Answer 5
No experience with that, I live with a big secret. Is because people who say that have no experience with twinflameships. They do not know what it brings about and therefore do not understand that you can miss someone who you never or almost never see and hardly know (in the earthly). If I had not experienced it I would also say; put the person out of your head, look for distraction and move on, then someone else will come and you will eventually get over it. This is how it works if you love someone and it can become nothing, it is not mutual, etc. but that is not how it works with twinflames, although it may sometimes be easier. It is everywhere, if you have recognized each other, it will no longer ring, no matter how hard you try to push it away, it will not work. It would be nice if you could talk to people about it, but if they don’t get it and respond like that every time, I would say nothing more. Then I would stick to sites like this. As previously written, the people who come to such a site are in the same boat and understand it. You only get frustrated when you tell it and people don’t get it and make comments that don’t help you. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Hi questioner, I am joining your problem. Today I took the courage to tell my sister what has actually been going on for almost 2 years, but no way it is true love for her. So she also declares me crazy. Just crazy about a certain person and that I have to totally forget him because I push other boys (soulmates) aside for something that is not (she thinks ). I only talked about the great attraction! Not to mention that I started to draw, clairvoyance, etc. … She would scare me! Once again clear how good it feels to have this site! Love x (Unknown)