Q0803. Stabilize?

Who knows

Only since yesterday do I feel that my situation with my twinflame is stable. Only now are the old and the new in balance. I see new experiences for what they are worth and I no longer have the overriding need to immediately share them with my twin (although I do occasionally throw a big stone in the pond on the internet). That only gives advantages, but it took from March 2008 for the time to come! Can you handle all the new things that are coming your way right away, without your heart starting to act strange? Or without other psychological or physical symptoms? Balanced and without inner pressure?

Answer 1
I don’t believe I understand exactly what you mean. I share very few of my experiences with my twin, because there are always others who have nothing to do with it and would make it ridiculous. A lot is happening “on my side”, I have telepathic dreams about / with him, I dream things that I cannot know at all and that he tells me later, I sometimes sense his moods remotely. And yes, it sometimes makes me very tired. I hardly slept last night. Mr. had been drinking coffee late, and I think that was the cause. I myself can never sleep when I have coffee, and I think he had it too. Even when he has a hangover, I can feel it. So no, I am not that far that I can experience without psychological and physical pressure. Sometimes I manage to separate me from him, as it were, but immediately so many signals come from him that I have to laugh very loudly. As if he wants to say that I cannot exclude him. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Did I (= questioner) still have to deal with it again? My twin checked by phone if I was already on vacation (I told someone on Facebook) he immediately shut down the phone as soon as I answered, and it gave me so much excitement and energy that I couldn’t sleep for three quarters of a night! (Who knows)