Q0800. Marked spaces?


When my twinflame was born I got a basal cell carcinoma. It only grew explosively after 33 (!) Years when I met my twin. Only then did I have it removed, it was a benign skin cancer. Do more people have a skin condition to alert them to their twinflames? Or other brands? NB: my basal cell carcinoma was on the trunk, which was quite rare, a kainsting.

Answer 1
I got hyperpigmentation in my face, the so-called maternity mask. But I am not (at all) pregnant and do not use hormones so the cause is unknown. But I think I know what the cause is; I literally wear a mask, I carry a big secret with me (that I know who my twinflame is, and my feelings for twinflame). Only when I can play an open card will it disappear, I think. (Unknown)