Q0799. How do you give it a place



How did others – who experience the same thing as me, get married and only then meet your soul love – give it a place in their lives that their soul love and they themselves have a relationship with children?

Answer 1
Yes, I know this. I also met my soul love while I was super happy with my husband. It was therefore the first time that I cheated on my husband … The relationship has passed away, but the connection has remained. Not to explain to my husband, even though I try so often. But to be honest: this feeling is also difficult to explain to someone who is outside of it. I also didn’t know what it was, just that we had to be together and that he made me so very happy. My husband has never felt threatened and can deal nicely with it. My dear friend’s friend came later than me, so she ‘grew up’ with it, although she finds the amount of contact special. It goes on from early in the morning until late at night, we share everything with each other, from life events to ‘did you sleep well?’ This is very difficult for partners, but I do not believe that soul lovers are destined to enter into a love relationship with each other, so it may well coexist. Success! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I already knew my soulmate and we found out: this is something special. Feel each other so well, finish each other’s sentences, telepathic contact, both laid out paranormally etc. Because my soulmate got scared of this, lost contact, but always kept thinking about each other and the contact from back then also had a lot of influence on how we, apart from each other, filling in our lives. Now we have contact again and my soulmate is now happily married and becomes a father. We are still amazed by the unique band. I respect his situation and do what is in the interest of him and his happiness. I stay a bit on the sidelines and wish him a happy marriage. I let it go a bit and see how the contact goes. I try to get the best out of it, in the sense of working on things in my own life with the mirror that he holds up to me. Maybe it all had to be that way and I am trying to accept this. (Unknown)