Q0797. What should I do?


Never heard of the term twinflame before, until an older woman briefly and briefly explained it to me. That’s why I started surfing the internet and ended up here … I find that most of the stories I have read so far are very similar to me, even though this goes beyond my head! I don’t want to have anything to do with my soul love because I don’t know who it is and I want to do my own thing without these weird things. So my question is: does anyone know how to get rid of someone and that I keep my own energy? I am often tired because the other half is heavily on drugs, yes I feel that, I know, sounds strange but pff I am not surprised anymore by all these experiences. I would very much like an answer to this,

Answer 1
You can’t get rid of that just 1.2.3. Over time you will slowly come loose, it takes a lot of time, bit by bit. (Who knows)

Answer 2
I would visit someone who specializes in energy flows / energetic shielding. So that you learn to arrange control over the relationship with the unknown. He can’t make you so tired anymore. Not completely closing, occasionally consciously opening up and sending some love to him, and then closing again. That seems to be a good solution for both of you: you rest again and he does occasionally help. (Unknown)