Q0795. Rest and happiness without twin. Who else?


The last few days I feel happier without my twin. We have had stormy contact for two years. Violently attract and repel. The circumstances were not good. Now we have no contact for a while. Definitely this time. After thinking that it was not really what I felt with and for him and after much anger, I now feel calm. What I had with him is unique and I will probably never experience it with someone else, and that frightened me at first, but now that feels okay. Even the prospect of having a good life alone in the future and making all my other dreams come true. It gives me energy. Wonder if there are more people experiencing this now? I have to get used to the feeling myself … No more unrest but a kind of crush on the world.

Answer 1
How long did that last .. ?? Before you got such a feeling .. ?? Can’t wait sometimes .. !! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I certainly recognize these moments, nice how you describe it as a kind of crush on the world. It is a complete feeling that you experience within yourself and a total surrender to life. Now I have to say that it is not permanent with me, they are moments but I see them as presents from above, wonderful breaks in which you can breathe. (Unknown)

Answer 3
After a contact of 3.5 years, now opted for a life without a twin. Because we both have a family with children. In the beginning I was angry, sad, felt misunderstood. The turmoil that I constantly felt has now disappeared, but that does not mean that I miss him. I think the feeling never goes away, but it wears out. It is true that if I accidentally bump into him again, my feeling returns in full force. (Unknown)