Q0788. Sometimes I think I’m just imagining everything


Like today. The feeling that I am just imagining everything again came over me like a sneaky monster. No, there was nothing wrong with what you said and did, but still that little voice persisted and screamed louder and louder in my ear that it was all really invented by myself. But in the meantime there have been countless signs, signals and words that have proven the absolute opposite to me. It drives me a bit crazy. Is this the voice of the ego trying to get a foot on the ground?

ntword 1 You do not imagine it .. I also suffer from it! But if I read everything here like that, it is very similar to signs … What kind of signs do you get? Love (unknown)

Answer 2
So recognizable! I also have this regularly. Then I think too much about it and I think I’m just imagining it all. “this is just coincidence” or “I just want to see it.” But I also get signs every day. I do indeed think that this is our ego that speaks. Deep inside you know that you are soulmates. But if you start thinking too much, you start doubting. Also because it is hardly mentioned. I think we should listen carefully to our feelings, and be happy that these signs, this website with so many similar feelings, confirms our feelings. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Thank you! I needed that for a moment! What are those signs that I get? Many different ones; our initials on license plates, his name that I suddenly encounter everywhere; in magazine, on posters, books and so on. The letters twinflame and TF (twinflame) on license plates in combination with his initials or date of birth. Songs on the radio. Yesterday I received a very special sign after asking my guides / universe or whatever you want to call it, whether he also knows that we are each other’s soul love. I cycled past a parked car and my eye suddenly caught a caption from a license plate. It said: Faith In Your Horse. Let him now be a horse in Chinese astrology! I drove on with a big smile and almost drove on top of a car with our initials mirrored twice on the license plate and below it was “Esprit” which means Spirit. I have now regained my confidence. But it remains difficult that your ego sometimes takes the upper hand. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, I think that’s the ego. The signs you get are not for nothing. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend it all because you cannot see and prove it. In the beginning I was able to reason and push away the feeling that I had for twinflame. When I saw twinflame again a long time later, that was no longer possible. Now a while later I really can’t ignore it anymore, I don’t have to doubt anymore. It seems to be forced upon me. I feel that twinflame knows where to find me everywhere I am and everything I do. That sometimes worries me a lot but yes what do you do about it. I recently dreamed that I was chased by a camera attached to a balloon, the thing went after me everywhere. It will have a reason why it is forced on me with signs etc .. but I don’t know the reason, I don’t know what to say. I know that I and twinflames are twinflames and follow my feelings but still use a little bit of my mind, what I have to do now with all those signs I don’t know, I hope that it will be clear to me again is becoming; what I and how to proceed. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Thank you for your contributions. Yes, I am very sure that what I feel about us is the truth. That is a very clear pure knowing in my heart. But … so much is happening in the outside world at the moment that it shows exactly the opposite. My twinflame reacts very much out of fear, jealousy and ego. He also does his utmost to evade / numb all his feelings. Well, I think I should give him time and let go. This is not going to work like this. All I want for now is a close honest friendship in which we can be ourselves and much later perhaps (much) more. But even that just now seems impossible. I continue to approach him with love and patience. But that costs me a lot of strength. (Unknown)

Answer 6
financial consequences every film that came along in the last week was about getting married wedding crashers four weddings and a funeral my fat big greek wedding the wedding planner maybe I imagine it too but everything overflows and is true maybe it’s a sign from higher hand? wanted to share this with you gr S … (Unknown)